Accepted Paper:

The Study of Kazakhs in the WWII as the significant part of nation-building  


Aliya Akatayeva (Satbayev University)

Paper long abstract:

A recreation the real picture how Kazakhs former POW of the Reich, had escaped from concentration, labor camps and heroically fought fascism in the Resistance movement, partisan fighting groups in different countries during the WWII, on the base of the foreign archival documents and memoirs is offered for the first time.

The Soviet and Kazakh historiography used only materials of Kazakh and Russian archives. Foreign documents were not involved in the scientific circle. More intensive study of participation of Kazakh soldiers in the WWII began within the Independence, and characterized by the G.M. Mendikulova, B.G. Ayagan, B.I. Sadykova, A. Kara, A. Kaken, S. Bekenov, other researches.

In 2014-2016 within the program "People in the stream of history┬╗, Dr. K. Aldazhumanov conducted research "Kazakhstan within the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union. 1941-1945" and mentioned the problem of Kazakh POW. Study was based on documents from the State Archive of the Russian Federation.

The paper will cover the importance of the research of Kazakh participation in the WWII and how it affects the contemporary political and economic aspects of the nation building process in Kazakhstan.

Panel HIS-10
Writing and Re-Writing the History of Soviet Kazakhstan