Accepted Paper:

Teaching state language at Kyrgyz-language schools in Tajikistan  


Daniyar Karabaev (American University of Central Asia)

Paper long abstract:

The education of minorities is an important issue for multiethnic communities: the education provided in minority schools play a significant part in whether minorities are politically socialized and integrated into the mainstream society. Successful teaching and learning practices of state language in minority schools is an integral part of successful minority education and state-building process. If successful, such minority groups can contribute to the social cohesion of a country, aiding stabilization and assisting a peaceful society in which all members are equally represented in the socio-economic, cultural, and political life of the country.

Tajikistan is a multiethnic republic in Central Asia in which ethnic Russian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Turkmen and other minorities live. This research examines the educational practices within Kyrgyz language schools in Tajikistan with a particular focus on the teaching of the official state language and other language instructions. More specifically, it studies the contribution of teaching of state language to political socialization process of ethnic Kyrgyz minority in Tajikistan.

This research used a qualitative approach that allowed for an in-depth and comprehensive data accumulation that incorporated various structures of interviews. Field work in Tajikistan and the following document reviews and data analyses provided a variety of necessary perspectives and vital information about the teaching of official state language practices and its contribution to the political socialization process of ethnic minorities.

The findings show the current teaching and learning experiences of official state language are not successful because of the absence of appropriate textbooks, a shortage of necessary teaching materials, insufficiently qualified teachers and other political reasons. The knowledge and skills gained in state language are inadequate to pursue higher education, do not allow to work in state organizations which has a negative impact on the overall political socialization process of ethnic Kyrgyz minority in Tajikistan.

Panel EDU-05
Social Structures and Youth Agency - Examining Education and Inequality in Central Asia