Accepted Paper:

Halal norms and certification of Halal businesses in meat production  


Izatullo Kholov (Independent Scholar)

Paper long abstract:

The paper presents a case study of meat production in Moscow regions and halal norms applied or not applied within the production system. The paper assumes the case of two parallel, conflicting systems of certification, that is, public and private. The article discusses the question of the role of legislative institutions in the process of administration and control over the existing commercial organizations engaged in Halal business.

The main argument of the paper is that as a result of the processes described in this paper there are parallel legal systems of regulation of production and trade in all spheres of economy. Furthermore, these systems (public and Islamic) complement each other, and then also collide. The article contributes to the existing debates about parallel legal systems, as well as scholarly works on morality, behavior and conscience. The has the following structure.

Panel ECO-02
Trade, Globalization and Environment