Accepted Paper:

GESL and Innovation Technologies  


Tamar Makharoblidze (Ilia State University)

Paper long abstract:

Georgian Sign Language (GESL) is a language of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (DHH) in Georgia. The current researches on GESL are connected with computational linguistics and lexicology. Our group at Ilia State University works on sign language universal translator, which will be able to translate the texts from any sign language into spoken and vice versa. This issue is concerning the communication problems for DHH word wide.

We elaborated the theory of neutral signs (NS). For the current moment we are building the mini corpora for GESL to test the elaborated software prototype. We should collect data according the proper methodology structuring the information, analyzing and comparing the signs from different sign languages (SL), creating the special API for integration to any other SL corpora, revealing and then testing the elaborated algorithms for the universal SL translator, elaborating the software and hardware design concepts for the final product.

Keywords: Georgian Sign Language, Sign recognizing engine, Sigh language machinery interpreter, SL soft

Panel LAN-01
Caucasian Linguistics