Accepted Paper:

Impacts on indigenous cultures resulting from lack of corporate social responsibility  


Ethel Vesper (Univ. of Phoenix )

Paper short abstract:

This study focuses on corporations that show no respect for indigenous cultures. These corporations demonstrate no regard for sustaining and protecting the natural environments. The companies are examples how their leadership lacked accountability.

Paper long abstract:

The research for this presentation indicates that in many instances, Corporate Social Responsibility does not exist (Basu & Palazzo, 2008). Incidents of harm to the environment impact attempts at sustaining natural resources. There are indigenous communities in the Amazon Rain Forest where some inhabitants have been tortured and killed for "sport" so that new companies can be built in this location (Chamberlain,2012;Phillips &Mount, 2015). There is evidence showing a lack of responsibility in the actions demonstrated by leadership heads of some corporations. Evidence also exists that companies often engage, too, in "green washing", a term that is associated with and implies a phony or fake interest expressed in corporate responsibility. In other words, these corporations who participate in "green washing" are very enthusiastic verbally in their support for CSR but when confronted with what they actually do; they do not "walk the talk" (Walker & Wan, 2012).

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Indigenous knowledge and sustainable development