Moving from marginalization to mutuality [Commission on Marginalization and Global Apartheid] 
Ellen Judd (University of Manitoba)
Andrew 'Mugsy' Spiegel (University of Cape Town)
Subhadra Channa (Delhi University)
Worlds in motion: Worlds, Hopes and Futures/Mondes en mouvement: Mondes, espoirs et futurs
FSS 4004
Start time:
3 May, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel challenges global structures of inequality and exclusion by exploring modes of movement from marginalization to mutuality. It problematises practices of inequality and marginalization that shift lines and veil barriers, and explores routes to mutuality.

Long Abstract

This panel challenges global structures and discourses of inequality and exclusion by exploring emergent discourses and modes of movement from marginalization to mutuality. We view this as critical to furthering anthropological resources for the critique of contemporary permutations in global inequality. The panel will depart from both the resurgence and present danger of movements that literally, figuratively, and violently exclude persons and collectivities, and from the movement of people and peoples across boundaries of nations and constructed social spaces as immigrants, indigenous persons and peoples, persons of all genders, ethnicities and identities, and persons and communities of diverse religions and commitments.

This panel will examine the reconfiguration of relations that are necessarily contested and re-made through these movements of people and ideas. The panel will problematise those pervasive, misleading and subtle enactments of inequality that take the form of marginalization, that is, those that appear to achieve or welcome moves toward equality, while instead shifting lines and veiling barriers. The panel will examine resources and practices that instead open routes toward relations of mutuality, arguing that it is fundamentally through the refiguring of social relations that inequality can be deprived of ground to exist.

The panel will span three sessions. The first will critically engage international work in anthropology on mutuality. The second will ethnographically explore diverse social and discursive structures of inequality and marginalization. The third will engage with practices to move anthropology toward decentred, innovative and socially grounded enactments of mutuality.

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