Challenging overarching narratives and discourses surrounding 'Movement' 
Judith Okely (Oxford UniversityUniversity of Hull)
Louise De La Gorgendiere (Carleton University)
Worlds in motion: Human rights, Laws and Trafficking/Mondes en mouvement: Droits humains, lois et traffics
FSS 14005
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4 May, 2017 at 14:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Varied experiences of human movement are often neglected under strict guidelines re: immigration, refugee claims, settlement, relocation, rights, identity, or property/border concerns. Narratives of lived experiences are rich counterpoints to globalized narratives/discourse surrounding 'movement'.

Long Abstract

This panel focuses on the differing experiences of human movement, which are often neglected under strict guidelines and laws related to immigration, refugee claims, settlement, relocation, property, rights, identity, tourism, and concerns for national or other borders. We bear witness to a globalized world where "movement" is aggressively channeled, contested, regulated, and denied, as several historical and contemporary examples can attest: removal of Aboriginal, Roma, and Gypsy children from families for assimilation purposes; undermining legitimate immigration or refugee claims because of suspicion of the 'cultural other' and/or social, political, and economical ignorance; fear and suspicion of Nomads by a hegemonic authority. Borders, which restrict movement, are reinforced at local levels by reserving prime urban spaces for capitalist edifices or gated communities for the wealthy, while marginalized others live in slums or ethnic ghettos. This panel seeks to bring to the fore people's narratives and lived experiences to serve as counterpoints to the globalized and overarching narratives and discourse surrounding "movement" in a world in motion.

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