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Accepted Paper:

Moving the senses in an audiovisual teacher training in the Xakriabá territory in Brazil  
Clarisse Alvarenga (Federal University of Minas Gerais UFMG)

Paper short abstract:

This work is about a teacher training directed to Xakriabá ethnicity in Brazil. The workshop involved a practical of making films together. The purpose is to establish approximations between this experience and the reflections of two young Xakriaba intellectuals: Célia Xakriabá and Edgar Kanaikõ.

Paper long abstract:

The objective of this work is to reflect on a practical experience of audiovisual teacher training directed to indigenous teachers of the Xakriabá ethnicity within the scope of the Audiovisual Practices Laboratory of the Faculty of Education at UFMG, which I coordinate.The workshop involved the teaching of audiovisual language, practical proposals for recording and editing and projection of films in the villages involved. Six teachers were trained, five of them women. This training process was conducted with the participation of the non-indigenous researcher Alexia Costa Melo (UFMG) and the indigenous researcher Xakriabá Edgard Kanaikõ.The purpose of this work is to establish approximations between the experience lived in the territory during the formative process in 2019 and 2020, the theory of cinema and the theoretical reflections of two young Xakriaba intellectuals and political activists: Célia Xakriabá and Edgar Kanaikõ. The gesture of approximation between Xakriabá thought and the lived experience will be guided by the interventions made by Edgar during the workshop. I intend to show how the cinema theory, its practice and teach, can be modified when approach to different culture, as Xakriabá. In the other hand, I will show how the relation of the group of these indigenous teacher with their own culture can be change by cinema. For that, I will use images collected during the workshop process.

Panel Evid05b
Minorities, researchers and their relations: co-producing knowledge practices and ethics in collaborative settings II
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