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Accepted Paper:

Ongoing responsibilities: reflections after fieldwork with people experiencing homelessness  
Lynette Sikic Micanovic (Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences) Matthias Drilling (University of Applied Sciences FHNW)

Paper short abstract:

This paper discusses the complexity and different types of responsibilities we have as qualitative researchers after fieldwork with marginalised groups who have experiences of homelessness and social exclusion.

Paper long abstract:

Our responsibilities to do thorough, reliable and honest research amplify when working with marginalised groups who have experiences of homelessness and social exclusion. In this type of research, issues related to responsibility are more complex; they require our attention and reflection from the research design stage to dissemination. Even in the post-fieldwork stage, we have ongoing responsibilities to implement safeguards to ensure the protection and well-being of our participants. In this paper, we would like to discuss some of our responsibilities as PIs of a joint research project exploring homelessness and social inclusion in Swiss and Croatian cities (CSRP). Some of our ethical responsibilities after fieldwork have included: i) Handling the research material appropriately ensuring privacy through anonymisation and confidentiality; ii) Maintenance of boundaries and fittingly navigating changes in social relationships for analytical distance; iii) Managing the emotional impacts of sensitive research through protection and guidance; iv) Ensuring authentic and impartial representation by giving voice to our informants and by exposing injustices and structural violence; v) Informing our funders, institutions and partners about research findings rigorously; vi) Protecting and preserving the integrity of collected research materials to avoid unauthorised usage; and vii) Leaving the field professionally so that we and others can do further research to keep marginalised voices heard and contribute to policy change without fear of gate-keeping or negative consequences. It is hoped that this paper will contribute to more knowledge and discussions about the different types and degrees of responsibilities we have as qualitative researchers after fieldwork.

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After Fieldwork: exploring responsibilities and vulnerabilities of ethnographic research II
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