Accepted paper:

Anthropocene - global network, a world of invisibles lines. Mouvement, inter-connections, inter-sections


Johanne Verbockhaven (University of Louvain/ University of Aberdeen)

Paper short abstract:

This contribution is based on the ephemeral aerial weaving installation and the concept of global interconnectivity, movements, inter-sections about the Anthropocene period during the human being's influence on the biosphere became a major "ecological force" capable of marking the lithosphere.

Paper long abstract:

According to its definition, the term Anthropocene designates a period during which the influence of the human being on the biosphere has reached such a level that it became a major "ecological force" capable of marking the lithosphere. Beyond the concept of ecological footprint it seemed to me that the global connection and repercussions of visible human activities through satellite imagery are some of the major phenomena since the advent of the industrial era's world. For the first time in humanity, the human being can perceive with hindsight the earth, to create a mental representation of its terrestrial base on which it evolves as well as the luminous traces of the human activity, mainly related to industrial activities. Result of our ecological footprint. Migratory flows are one of the contemporary issues related to climate changes. This satellite imagery and the global weaving of lines that it's reveals appear strangely to the palm of the hand of human being by the design of the rhizomes that constitute the fingerprints. Fingerprints in the heart right now the whole question of migratory flows and movement of human beings leading to despair by self-mutilation of their fingerprints digitals whose erasure is subsequent. It follows from Z. Bauman investigations that social separation, freedom of movement, non-engagement are the first stakes of a cultural game that is of crucial importance for contemporary "global" elites. Those (both intellectual and cultural) are mobile and extra-territorial, unlike the majority fo those who remain "tied to the ground".

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Geometry and anthropology: description, projection, and measurement