Learning from art practices? 
Giulia Battaglia (University of Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Alex Ungprateeb Flynn (University of California, Los Angeles)
Examination Schools Room 14
Start time:
21 September, 2018 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This lab seeks to reflect on potentials/limitations of existing projects in art and anthropology to challenge contemporary questions pertaining to both these practices. Is the encounter between art and anthropology a useful way to renew/recreate anthropology? If so, in what sense might this occur?

Long Abstract

This lab seeks to reflect on the potential and limitations of existing projects in which art and anthropology meet to challenge contemporary questions and problems pertaining to both these areas of practice. In a context of globalisation, in which goods and people continuously intersect with one another, artists and anthropologists share the need to highlight the contradictions and new connections between these intersections and create better forms of representation. They also share a willingness to strike out from well-worn intellectual positions and formulate innovative theoretical and methodological propositions. As a consequence of such overlaps, an increasing number of anthropological projects have sought to dialogue with artistic practices. However, what wider consequences do these interactions propose? Are we as anthropologists ready to share our knowledge and practice and perhaps allow it to be challenged by art practices and vice versa? What are the potentials and limitations of such encounters? Is the encounter between art and anthropology practice a useful way to renew and recreate anthropology? If so, how?

Drawing initially on the experience of the 2-year project 'The invention of forms of representation in the age of globalisation', based at the EHESS in Paris, this lab will build on the reflections of the convenors and participants of the programme and invite other scholars who have participated in similar projects, to share their experience and offer practical considerations.