The changing faces and use of ethnography (ASA apply)
Sarah Buckler (Robert Gordon University)
Julie Scott (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Dr Sarah Buckler
Dr Julie Scott
Examination Schools Room 11
Start time:
18 September, 2018 at 13:30 (UTC+0)
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Short abstract:

This panel is proposed by Apply, the Applied Anthropology Network of ASA. We will explore how ethnography has changed and what different uses it is being put to both inside and outside the academy.

Long abstract:

Ethnography was once the province of anthropology and anthropologists - academics who spent many months living amongst peoples they were studying so that they could come to understand and effectively describe their ways of life, and what lay behind those ways of life. Ethnography was a project that took months or years to execute effectively, it was a rite of passage in many ways, and much has been written about it for those who wished to follow that route.

These days, however, the nature of ethnography has changed. No longer the province of academic anthropologists, the strengths of ethnography in reaching an understanding of varying points of view is now recognised by many other disciplines and in many other industries. Nurses and marketing managers make use of ethnography to understand experiences of patients, families, potential customers. Rapid ethnographical accounts enable corporations to get a feel for a variety of cultural contexts where they may want to sell their products.

We invite contributions from those who use ethnography in applied contexts to present some of their work and engage in a discussion about what implications there may be for the discipline of anthropology and the ways that anthropology can be valued as a professional practice in a variety of settings