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Commercialization, experimentation and health in low-resource countries: pharmaceuticals, collaborations and global philanthropy 
Salla Sariola (University of Helsinki)
Quincentenary Building, Seminar Room
Start time:
22 June, 2014 at 14:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

In the 21st century publicly funded health services have come under challenge from commercialization of various forms. This panel will explore experimentation and health care in global contexts, welcoming papers that critically explore ethnographic accounts of these processes.

Long Abstract:

In the 21st century the idea that wealth leads to health through the introduction of publicly funded services has come under increasing challenge. We have seen the rise of new international donors, new models of health care - including public-private so-called partnerships - and the growing influence of neo-liberal ideologies and practices. These ideas conflict with both classical economic theories of public goods and with previous ideas and models of how health care should be delivered. This panel will explore how these challenges have impacted on how health care services are organised, funded and delivered, and how 'evidence' is produced to influence these processes. We welcome papers that consider topics such as neo-liberal clinical encounters; the blurring of lines between clinical trials and health care; the workings of the global health philanthropy industry; how medical knowledge, data, personnel and patients cross borders (including, for example, medical tourism and data sharing in multi-centred trials); the moral economy of generics drugs; and disputes around intellectual property rights. This panel will critically explore ethnographic accounts of these processes involving low-income countries. How can local or global wealth lead to local or global health in the current circumstances?

Accepted papers: