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Force, change and readjustment: weather and energy 
Heid Jerstad (University of Edinburgh)
Louise Rebecca Senior (University of Aberdeen)
Quincentenary Building, Wolfson Hall A
Start time:
21 June, 2014 at 14:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This panel calls for papers on how weather and energy, re-seen, can re-shape our sense of place and purpose in the world. We are orienting ourselves in new ways, in a process of extra-somatic adaptation to new energies, new weathers and, in effect, a new world coming into shape around us.

Long Abstract:

Anthropogenic climate change is threatening the conditions of our existence, demonstrating the ways in which our energy systems and our weather systems are bound up, contributing to an ever-changing world of experience. Both life lived with weather and with energy will be explored in this panel.

The human encounter with weather is not trivial; it is above and beyond, the sky and the sun, the medium in which we live. We depend on the weather, it creeps in, trickling between the roof slates, wafting in white clouds onto the veranda, unavoidably informing the shape of our lives.

The human encounter with energy is not just pylons and pipelines. It is a warm cup of tea on a chill day and a log on the fire to render raw food cooked. Energy production and consumption creates global connections and disparities. Energy is human too.

Can we apply this understanding to the study of risk, resources, inequality, and the changing landscape of material culture? How have we, as humans, developed techniques to measure, predict, describe, adapt to and exploit the weather? What is energy, a force, the elements, movement? What might a material culture of energy, of warmth and cold, look like?

Papers looking at experiences, linguistic registers, risk, placeness and belonging, coping horizons, emotional dimensions, political contestation, changing land use patterns, knowledge production and oral traditions, resource stress, religious and cosmological import, futures of energy and weather and related topics are invited.

Accepted papers: