Collaboration and partnership in human-animal communities: reconsidering ways of learning and communication

Sara Asu Schroer (University of Aberdeen)
Jan Peter Laurens Loovers (University of Aberdeen)
Room 7
Start time:
14 April, 2015 at 9:15
Session slots:

Short abstract:

In this panel we invite contributors to critically engage with notions of collaboration and partnership in human-animal relationships. We aim to discuss and compare these topics through a variety of themes from different ethnographic contexts.

Long abstract:

In this panel we invite speakers to contribute papers stemming from fieldwork within human-animal communities that critically engage with notions of collaboration and partnership. We take as starting point that animals are active participants in the formation of mutual relationships with humans. Doing so may allow us to rethink domestication by investigating the complexity of relationships that becomes evident when considering collaborative practices and the notion of human-animal partnership. Part of such examination could be a focus on the place and use of tools, architecture, and artefacts in such relationships. It could also be a consideration of questions of learning, shared knowledge and communication. Investigations may consider 'working animals', for instance, in husbandry, herding and hunting. Other possibilities might be related to practices of shamanism, narratives of 'mythical' animals, or in terms of human-animal relationships not conventionally included in domestication literature. Contributions to this panel may engage with these aspects but should not be limited to them.