Symbiotic anthropologies: new disciplinary relationships in an age of austerity
Jonathan Skinner (University of Roehampton)
Emma Heffernan (National Cancer Registry Ireland)
Fiona Murphy (Queen's University Belfast)
Emma Heffernan
Jonathan Skinner
Room 8
Start time:
14 April, 2015 at 9:15 (UTC+0)
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Short abstract:

This panel asks how collaboration - theoretical, academic, applied and activist - is creating new symbiotic anthropologies. It invites papers from anthropologists who create these possibilities through ongoing collaboration in any form.

Long abstract:

Anthropology and ethnography are discipline and practice that involve working and living together for extended periods of time with other subject groupings and other peoples. Yet anthropology and ethnography have both been characterised as being liminal, anti-, dangerous and endangering, and discipline/disciplining. Anthropology can be found working alongside, and being practiced inside: the varied university subject groupings (Life, Behavioural, Social, Humanities, Arts), multinational corporations, NGO's, government bodies, hospitals, business schools. Ethnography can be undertaken and read from stage to play, development work to policy document, street sex corner to newspaper report. To what extent is anthropology collaborative, colonising, symbiotic and ultimately sustainable? What are its relations, boundaries, motives and merits, and the associated fallout, debris, ethics and problems? This panel seeks theoretical, methodological and empirical papers that explore the natures, nurtures and necessities of symbiotic anthropologies.