Cultural negotiation: the dialogue between rituals and globalisation
Maria Beldi de Alcantara (University of Sao Paulo)
maria alcantara/emily pierini
Arch & Anth LT1
Start time:
8 April, 2009 at 9:00
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Short abstract:

This panel has a interdisciplinary approach : we are studying what the ethnic religion is dialoguing of the globalization process, our focus is the ritual process and its transformation.

Long abstract:

This panel has the objective of analyzing the transformation of rituals of indigenous communities as they enter a dialogue with western societies. Our approach is interdisciplinary: we conceptualize tradition as the entity that suffers many transformations, but there is a structuring and structured nucleus, and it is within this picture that we will analyze the ritual, besides studying what the ethnic religion is in face of the globalization process. It is only by means of the dynamic of this ritual process that we will understand how the influence of occidental society is able to transform certain cultural symbols. Therefore, we need to identify the ethnic cultural symbols that are brought into negotiation with others, and how this dynamic occurs, resulting in a type of cultural hybridism. In light of this conceptualization, this panel has as its primary objective to analyze the changes of the indigenous rituals considered traditional, especially in Latin America. We will draw on examples primarily from interaction with Christianity, but welcome studies look at, for example, the influence of archaeological heritage or nationalism in this ritual-building process.