Interdisciplinary interfaces: third dialogical spaces where archaeology and anthropology meet
Claudine Young (Aberystwyth University)
Wills 1.5
Start time:
8 April, 2009 at 14:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

In acknowledgement of contemporary processes of genre blurring and the increasing shattering of disciplinary boundaries more widely, this panel hopes to examine how other disciplines are providing third dialogical spaces in which archaeological and anthropological knowledges meet.

Long abstract:

The situation of ontological and epistemelogical insecurity within individual academic disciplines, often referred to as the uncertainty of the "postmodern condition", can potentially be perceived as conceptually liberating. More particularly and within the context of this conference, knowledges which once existed within the exclusive frameworks of archaeology and anthropology are now increasingly filtering into other fields of study. This panel aims to look at how other disciplines are providing dialogical spaces in which the archaeological and anthropological imaginations are woven together with other theory and data to create new emerging hybrid discourses. It will examine whether academics working within other disciplines understand the relationship between archaeology and anthropology as problematic or complementary, and will aim to to open up discussions relating to methodological and theoretical issues arising from collaborative research carried out in a variety of combinations. This will inevitably lead to an exploration of the heterogeneous and plural nature of knowledges, and how they interrelate, perhaps from the perspectives of hermeneutics and intertextuality. Papers are sought from contributors who have constructively considered the above and whose research falls outside the fixed disciplines of archaeology and anthropology, but involves the use of both archaeological and anthropological knowledges, and who are reflexively aware of the successes and limitations of such work. Suggested fields may include politics, law, religious studies, human geography and theatre/film studies - although this list is not exhaustive.