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Accepted paper:

Youth as Agents of Youth Employability Initiatives in Africa: Lessons from


Obi Peter Onyeigwe (Youths for PeaceBuildingDev. in Africa)

Paper long abstract:

Based on document reviews, interviews and findings from different countries in Africa (Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Gambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal, Burundi, Congo DRC, Kenya, Uganda and Namibia) the authors identified different youth efforts and successful youth employment initiatives contributing to youth development and sustainability in the region. The paper identified the success factors of different youth employment initiatives, its value design, and implementation structure and value chain. The youth employment initiatives providing capacity building, job linkages in the information, technology and communication sector of the economies, start-up capitals and mentorship were most successful in job creation. The use of value chain development and integrated approaches to facilitate employment were found to be effective for jobs creation. The issue of youth employment very fundamental and crucial for national development of African. The regional youth agenda and efforts towards job creation shows the resourcefulness and how goal oriented the youths have come in supporting the economic, financial, agricultural, market driven, manufacturing, service, import, export and commerce, trade and business economies in Africa. Also, observing some of the challenges of this trend, to include, weak government policies and support, bribery and corruption, weak justice system, partnership and building of employment alliances and coalitions with similar initiatives. The paper prospects an optimism given the fact that youths positive energy, and legislative reforms in terms of tax reduction charges in small medium scale enterprises and startups can be reviewed to encourage more youth employment creation.

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Youth employment, knowledge and the labour markets; knowledge and society [initiated by Edukans with INCLUDE, ISCTE-IU Lisbon and Advance Afrika (Kampala, Uganda]]