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Accepted paper:

Evolution of technical and professional education in Guinea-Bissau. Its relationship with the labor market


Maria Antonia Barreto (IPL/CEA-IUL)
Clara Carvalho (ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon)

Paper long abstract:

The current labor market demands increasingly complex skills from workers. Education systems at the level of regular training do not make these skills available and large groups of young people without skills for specific labor markets emerge. The problem is aggravated in poor countries for the high costs of technical and professional training but also for political, cultural and social factors. This is the case of Guinea-Bissau. These Communication will consist of two axes: 1. Systematization of the evolutionary framework of the technical-professional education system within the framework of the education and training system of Guinea-Bissau: fundamental problems; evolution of the legal framework; diagnosis of the current situation; prospects for technical-professional education according to programmatic documents; panorama presented by international agencies. 2. Role of the NGO Action for Development (AD) in the implementation of technical and professional training (courses, type of courses, statistical data) and its relationship with the labor market. Interventions of other NGO in training and vocational education.

panel G41
Youth employment, knowledge and the labour markets; knowledge and society [initiated by Edukans with INCLUDE, ISCTE-IU Lisbon and Advance Afrika (Kampala, Uganda]]