Accepted Paper:

has pdf download An investigation of the ongoing colonial legacies in Secondary High Schools in Ghana through the lens of Pan-Africanism  


Stephanie Huber

Paper long abstract:

This paper explores how Pan-African ideas are represented in Ghanaian secondary high schools, and how these ideas can be understood as part of the paradoxical attempt to move beyond colonial legacies within a school system that is highly marked by colonial legacies. Educational institutions and Pan-Africanism were both used as a tool for decolonizing Ghana, but both were formed within colonial structures. Moreover, Pan-Africanism understood as an anti-colonial movement provides a lens for my research through which educational institutions are examined. This paper discusses how schools navigate in a postcolonial nation-state. Furthermore, it addresses the identity politics in two secondary high schools in Cape Coast as these are expressed in curricula and teaching practices and investigates the ways how students and teachers experience the structure of the schools.

Panel B07
Decolonising higher education in Africa: disciplinary and pedagogical Issues [initiated by the University of Ghana at Legon]