Innovations, new paradigms and knowledge development in North Africa
Marieke van Winden (conference organiser) (African Studies Centre Leiden)
Ton Dietz (ASC Leiden)
Nouria Ouibrahim (LinkedInAfrica)
F: Technology and innovation


When talking about Africa, a lot of people think of sub-Sahara Africa. North Africa is an integral part of Africa with the added characteristic that it is the last step on the African Soil on the way to Europe. This panel "Innovation, new paradigms and knowledge development in North Africa" provides a unique opportunity for the presenters and the participants to put North Africa forward as a strategic region (geographically and politically speaking) and an integral part of Africa (which is often forgotten). Based on the 3 main questions of the conference, this panel will address and highlight the asymmetrical approach to knowledge between North Africa and Europe, as well as the role of knowledge in the reconfiguration of the economic paradigm. Recent developments and future prospects in terms of institutionalization of knowledge will be shown to be a key success factor in economic and social development of the region. We will take a broader look at this education issue as being a pillar to African economic development without forgetting the other aspects, which are quality, security, environment, identity, heritage, gender equality, etc. A reflection through the eyes of Africans! Interaction with the world is important but just as equally important is the interaction between Africans. In this respect, we will look at the role of the African Union and the new free trade economic zone being developed. The panel will deal with knowledge development in North African countries, their relationships, and the relationship with the rest of the world: the rest of Africa, Europe and beyond.