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Sustainable diplomacy between Africa and Europe: what knowledge capabilities should be developed? 
Marieke van Winden (conference organiser) (African Studies Centre Leiden)
Rob van Tulder (Rotterdam School of Management)
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C: Europe and Africa
Start time:
18 January, 2021 at
Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam
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Long Abstract:

The relationship between Africa and Europe is under pressure in particular regarding questions such as:

How to settle more equitable economic, social and political relationships

What can the role of multinational enterprises from Europe be in triggering ‘inclusive development’ in Africa either alone or in collaboration with local stakeholders

What competencies should be developed in Africa to distinguish between companies that can contribute positively to the national development agenda, or companies that exploit relatively weak regulatory agencies?

How can the economic relationship between Africa and Europe become one of mutual reinforcement?

How can corporate and national strategies be aligned around the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What type of partnerships (often cross-sector) are needed to empower African sectors, countries, citizens and companies?

Addressing these types of question also requires the development of knowledge capabilities, today better known as ‘sustainable diplomacy’. This form of diplomacy is not necessarily organized by governments, but actually refers to partnership configurations that are linked to concrete purposes, in particular the SDG agenda. Knowledge generation and teaching experience must be triggered to support this new ambition. This panel will consider the conditions under which the SDG agenda can be further enhanced both in teaching, research and in practice. [Initiated by RSM Erasmus University (Partnerships Resource Centre)].

Accepted papers:

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