Counter values in the natural environment 
Patrick Guinness (Australian National University)
Jennifer Alexander (Australian National University)
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Eucalyptus (S205), R.N Robertson Building
Tuesday 3 December, 16:15-18:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Under global capitalism the local environment and its people come to be seen as having value only if they are generating surplus capital for economic growth. This panel will explore how those on the margins of large capitalist development construct and contest relations in their environment.

Long Abstract:

This panel will explore how those on the capitalist margins construct their relations with their environment in alternate ways and contest those values in their engagement with the wider society and economy. The panel draws on Paige West's 2016 book Dispossession and the Environment to explore not only the discordances between capitalist and indigenous relations with the natural environment but how they engage with and change each other. The panel is open to examination of plantations, industrial zones, commercial fishing and other arenas where large-scale dispossession is occurring, sometimes accompanied by versions of Corporate Social Responsibility, and where local/indigenous residents are responding to these with their own reconstructions of the environment and their relations in it.

Accepted papers: