Value(s) of student anthropologists (ANSA panel) 
Hanna Jagtenberg (Utrecht University)
Alessandra Prunotto (Clear Horizon)
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Yasmine Musharbash (Australian National University)
Debra McDougall (University of Melbourne)
Eucalyptus (S205), R.N Robertson Building
Thursday 5 December, 9:00-10:45, 11:15-13:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

This panel invites papers addressing both the value and the values of student anthropologists. How is student work valued and what do students bring to the discipline (which may be undervalued)? And what values do student anthropologists hold with regards to their work today?

Long Abstract:

This panel invites papers that address two related themes: the value and values of student anthropologists. We encourage students at various stages of their research to propose a paper that speaks to one or both themes (other scholars are also invited).

Although anthropology may be less hierarchical than other disciplines, student work does tend to be undervalued (as suggested by previously low attendance to the ANSA panel). Yet students, as a new generation of thinkers, often have innovative ideas, precisely because they come into the discipline with a 'fresh' mind. We ask presenters to address the value that their work as students brings to the discipline and to the broader public. In line with ANSA's aims to promote applied anthropology, we particularly encourage presenters to consider how their work could be applied to inform policy or solve problems.

The second, related theme of our panel creates space for discussion on what students value, and on how these values shape their work and their engagement with the discipline and the public. We invite presenters to articulate ideas that include (but are not limited to) what they value in anthropology, why they are anthropologists, how they navigate ethical issues and conflicts relating to values in their work, and how their personal values influence their professional lives.

Furthermore, since we value creativity, we ask those proposing papers to foreshadow how they will create an engaging presentation, including but not limited to speech, visuals, audio, movement, and audience participation.

Accepted papers: