Thinking about decolonising practice
Mardi Reardon-Smith (University of Sydney)
Suzanne Ingram (University of Sydney)
The Cairns Institute, D3-059
Thursday 6 December, 9:00-10:30

Short abstract:

This roundtable will explore what decolonising practice means for early career anthropological researchers, and particularly PhD students, working in Indigenous Australia.

Long abstract:

What does decolonising practice mean for early career anthropological researchers in Australia? This roundtable is designed for PhD students to consider questions about the ethics, practice, relevance and vitality of anthropology in relation to their own research projects in Indigenous Australia. Each speaker will reflect for 5-10 minutes on the receptions that anthropology, and they as practitioners, have received in their respective fields. We already have perspectives from New South Wales, Cape York Peninsula and the Pilbara, and invite others to join us. Reflections will be followed by discussion of the implications of critiques of anthropological practices: the possibilities for new kinds of research this presents us with as people who are starting careers as anthropologists in Indigenous Australia, as well as opportunities for the discipline. We invite people to send a 100 word abstract if they would like to present on the panel.