Flesh in an age of death 
Catie Gressier (University of Western Australia)
The Cairns Institute, D3-144
Wednesday 5 December, 11:15-12:45, 14:00-15:30 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Nowhere does the spectre of life and death play out more dramatically than through the flesh. Efforts to subdue, celebrate or consume flesh underpin many aspects of the human experience. This panel invites explorations of the diverse meanings and materialities of flesh.

Long Abstract

By turns exotic and banal, enticing and repulsive, threatening and vulnerable, flesh is both materially and metaphorically inextricable from our experience of the world. Papers are invited that explore flesh in all its diversity: from cultural inscriptions of the body, through to fleshly pleasures and their indulgence or suppression. Papers may seek to make sense of the ethics and politics of corporeal control, or cycles of the flesh more broadly, from birth through to death. Ponderings on flesh eaters and avoiders, through to the human as animal, and animal ontologies are welcome here, as are papers probing the commodification of flesh, and the experiences of flesh workers, from doctors, farmers and beauticians through to abattoir workers and chefs.

Accepted papers: