Indigenous youth futures in the Northern territory: living the social determinants of health 
Richard Chenhall (University of Melbourne)
Kate Senior (University of Newcastle)
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Medical horizons
Old Arts-152
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2 December, 2015 at 11:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel highlights anthropological approaches to the study of the social determinants of health for young Indigenous people in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Long Abstract

The social determinants of health have been well described in Indigenous communities, with the literature in public health replete with descriptions of the interactions between structural factors on people's health and well being. A critique of this approach is that it is missing 'an analysis of the relative determinism of different sorts of structures, in particular as they relate to the biographies and life courses of individuals and social histories of places and populations' (Williams 2003). A life course approach, exploring the intersections between personal and community biography and impacts of health equalities has the potential to enhance understanding and the capacity of services to intervene effectively. The need is to move beyond listing determinants, to exploring their complexities, interrelationships and how they are articulated, lived and experienced.

This panel explores the social determinants of health for Indigenous young people in the NT. Much of the research currently describing this population focuses on their deficits and doesn't explore their understanding of issues and how these issues interact with lived experiences. This distances young people from the research. This panel will describe young people's behaviours, decision making and motivations, which have important implications for understanding existing problems as well as providing insights about appropriate interventions. It will include six presentations: a historical overview (Vicky Burbank), Relationships and sexual health (Kate Senior and Richard Chenhall), Social Media (Kishan Karrippanon), Access to services (Mascha Frederichs) and will include a presentation by an Indigenous youth collaborator (Angelina Joshua).

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