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NomadIT is committed to a different way of working. The motivation could be summed up as lifestyle, environment, and purpose:


We have had the technology for more than twenty years for remote-working to be commonplace, but it is hard to change a working culture quickly, and there is still much resistance to this approach. However there are many cost advantages to clients in using remote workers, especially small clients; and huge lifestyle advantages for remote workers. As workers we aim to use new technologies to free up our lives, not to dominate them. It is not always easy to achieve this balance.


There are also obvious environmental advantages in remote-working and appropriate use of internet technology. We are trying to encourage our clients to change both their administrative and event cultures: email/web distribution is already accepted, but online meetings and telephony less so; conferences are often unnecessarily consumptive, and we are suggesting ways of changing that. NomadIT is close to being a paperless office. We aim to minimise travel in our work, and use public transport wherever possible. Shame about the emissions from Ganesh and the long-haul flights…but we are attempting to compensate through carbon-offsetting.


While working to support our lifestyles, who we work with and what they are trying to achieve is very important to us. That means we have to like our clients and sympathise/agree with what they do; we want to work in a spirit of co-operation, understanding and trust; we wish our knowledge and experience to be respected. The overall 'end' as well as the 'means' of what we do should be of benefit, and not cause harm. That is why we tend to work with not-for-profit clients, preferably those working towards human development.

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