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NomadIT uses the latest technology to facilitate a remote and distributed way of working. We use email, mobile phones, websites, social networking, internet chat & telephony, and online databases to share information. Consequently we do not need an office in the traditional sense, simply working from wherever we are. No rubber plants.

This approach means lower overheads, greater efficiency and increased flexibility without compromising communication – all directly benefiting the client. We need not be located near our clients or their event venues. We have organised conferences in Tanzania, Slovenia, Portugal and New Zealand. We are of course happy to visit clients/venues for initial consultations if desired (especially if they're in New Zealand!), but work remotely thereafter.

So where are we? Well the ‘head office' is usually aboard a narrowboat named Ganesh, somewhere on the inland waterways of England. Otherwise we are often in Hackney, Westminster, Manchester, the Cotswolds, Lisbon, Tallinn and Kolkata. And sometimes on a Number 26 bus.



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