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NomadIT offers the following services:

  • event organisation
  • membership administration
  • web design & hosting
  • online database design, maintenance & support
  • graphic design and DTP
  • editing & proofing, translation, transcription
  • film production

In detail:

event organisation

If you have an idea for an event but don't want to do the less conceptual work involved, then NomadIT can sort out the logistics.

We offer a complete service, including a fully interactive event website, advertising, marketing, delegate registrations & communication, banking, finance & accounts, travel arrangements, programme, badge and delegate packs design & printing, catering & accommodation arrangements, venue liaison, audiovisual, entertainment, and staffing presence at the event.

membership administration

If you need to maintain a membership database and collect subscriptions, but don't have sufficient in–house human resources or skills, NomadIT can run things on your behalf.

We offer a complete service, including subscription invoicing, chasing and receipting, banking, finance and accounts, mail lists, member services web pages, an online database facilitating member access and a searchable membership directory.

web design

If you want to have 2 simple pages with your contact details, or a fully interactive site where your members can login and alter information online, NomadIT can help, partially or completely.

We offer domain registration, hosting, consultancy on structure and design, initial design, ongoing maintenance, MySQL database and PHP web application development, deployment and maintenance.

online database design

Increasingly online information requires a database solution, and this is generally a SQL and PHP solution. We can design and implement a solution that allows information to be shared over the net, with protected access and a clear front-end for users.

graphic design and DTP

We can help whether you want just a logo, an attractive flier, or a whole book. We offer design and layout services for both web and print, working closely with the clients to help them get something they are happy with.

editing & proofing, translation, transcription

We can take your documents or digital recordings and give them a complete makeover to a professional standard, returning them as style Word or PDF files.

film production

When needed, we can record/edit your event for streaming online.

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