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Reconfigurations in Africa - and in African Studies
30 September - 02 October 2024, Bayreuth

VAD2024 Funding information

Call for Funding is closed

German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has kindly offered funding to cover travel expenses and accommodation of non-German institution affiliated delegates.

Please notice that funding resources are limited and we do not have alternative sources for funding. Conference will not be able to offer fee waivers nor any financial assitance outside of the funding process. Unfortunately it is unlikely we can offer funding to more than 20 delegates.

We strongly recommend looking for additional means of financial support if needed.

Due to rules established by the DFG successful applicants will be refunded expense on following expenses:

*per night up to 55€

*economy class only
*up to 1000€ for return flight for non-EU flights
*up to 400 for return flight for EU flights

*2nd class only
*up to 400€ for return ticket

All other expenses can not be covered by the DFG funding.

Successful applicants will be refunded once the conference is over, based on submitted receipts and tickets. Refunds will be sent via bank transfer.

Funding conditions

  • your monhly net income is 1000€ or less
  • you have a PhD or higher qualification (fill in the link field in the form or send us a scan of a document once the form has been filled out)
  • only incurred travel and accommodation costs can be refunded
  • tickets/receipts for those costs must be submitted as proof
  • refunding will take place after the conference
  • refunds will be paid out digitally (not in cash)
  • we cannot guarantee succsessful funding until the DFG approves our funding request. This can take up to the start of the conference
  • funded persons need to acquire all of their travel tickets and book their accommodation on their own


Call of Funding is closed now.

We will be announcing the unsuccessful application results on 10 April 2024.

All successful applications will be forwarded to DFG for final review and confirmation. We expect final results from the DFG by the end of June 2024.

If you expereince any issues contact em via conference email vad(at)

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