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Welcome to the CESS online directory of members. The directory allows you to to search amongst all current CESS members, see their academic and research details, and contact them. This can be done by entering specific searches or using the Browse feature. Members can also edit their profile, once logged in.

Members automatically appear in the directory. If you wish to be excluded, contact the administrator (email) and your details will be removed. If you are a member and you do not appear in the directory, it could be because your membership is in arrears. Again, please contact the administrator (email) to resolve this.

Search for colleagues by name or by one or more of the fields listed below. Results will be displayed as a list. Search criteria used during this session (while logged in) are stored on the right, to save time if you wish to return to certain searches. If there is a Save icon next to the search criteria, you can save these criteria for future logins.

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