SIEF2019 14th Congress: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
14-17 April 2019


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15 Apr, 2019

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00Aula 10Age04Tracking changing childhoods: methodological considerations and innovations [P+R]3
09:00Aula 7Arch01Participatory archives in a transforming world [SIEF Working Group on Archives] [P+R]3
09:00Aula 1Body01Through the lens of affect and emotion: exploring the potentials [SIEF Working Group on Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions (BASE)]2
09:00Aula 30Digi03Online cultural narratives: tracking changes in territorial representations.2
09:00Aula 17Disc02Making tracks: walking as embodied research methodology [P+R]3
09:00Aula 13Disc04Tracking knowledge. On the history of changing disciplinary identities after 1945 [SIEF Working Group Historical Approaches in Cultural Analysis] [P+R]3
09:00Aula 15Disc07Tracking changes through creative research methodologies2
09:00Aula 3Econ04"Bring back my neighbourhood!": heritage, expressive cultures and the production of urban ambiances for tourist consumption in the contemporary city2
09:00Aula 19Env04Changing tracks and tracking changes: the social lives of rivers and canals2
09:00Aula 20Env06When reality challenges our expectations: trajectories and transformations in ethnographic research, conservation and heritage ethnographies2
09:00Aula 18Gend03Men's commitment in long term care: changes in kinship and gender?2
09:00Aula 21Heri03Changing tracks: heritagisation and the transformation of pilgrimage in northern Europe2
09:00Aula 22Heri05Heritage practices and management on the borderlands2
09:00Aula 28Life02"Listening to houses". Tracking politics, poetics and practices of being at home in the contemporary world2
09:00Aula 26Life03Practising time - temporalities of everyday life2
09:00Aula 5Medi04Techniques of transformation, healing movements, and medicine worlds2
09:00Aula 11Mig05Permanent cities, transient states: housing refugees in urban centers2
09:00Aula 8 (Andrés S. Suárez)Nar04Stories at work, working with stories2
09:00Aula 29Pol03The ongoing brink of transformation - persistent activist aspirations of the same unachieved future2
09:00Aula 25Reli01Ethnography of ordinary worship routines. Materiality, spaces and changes across Europe [Ethnology of Religion Working Group] [R]2
09:00Aula 9Rur01Entangled countryside - tracking political negotiations and transformations of the rural2
11:15Aula 2Body03Fashion fast forward: transforming body, fabric and media in a changing world [P+R]2
11:15Aula 31Disc09Comparison as social and cultural practice2
11:15Aula 4Econ03Transforming economy, transforming society2
11:15Aula 6Medi03‘Healing’ as harmonization of ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ cosmos? Conceptualizations and practices of ‘health’ and ‘healing’ in Europe and beyond2
11:15Aula 12Mig02From welcome culture to the politics of refusal. Mobilization and political transformation after the 2015 migratory movements2
11:15Aula 24Reli06Tracking the ritual year on the move in different cultural settings and systems of values [SIEF Working group on the Ritual Year]2
16:30Aula 30Digi04Digital ethnography and transformations: tracking cultural expressions in the contemporary world [W]1
16:30Aula 19Env03Drier worlds - living with water scarcity1
16:30Aula 18Gend02New gender dynamics? Instrumentalization of gender in European neo-national and right wing movements1
16:30Aula 21Heri02UNESCO and entanglements of intangible cultural heritage [SIEF Working Group on Cultural Heritage and Property] [R]1
16:30Aula 26Life01Exploring the intersections between translocal living practices and infrastructural changes1
16:30TBDPost01POSTERS: Track changes: reflecting on a transforming world2

16 Apr, 2019

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00Aula 10Age01Young scholars working group: youth cultures in a transforming world; practices, experiences, representations2
09:00Aula 5Arch05Museums reconsidered: heritage in a transforming world1
09:00Aula 2Body05Tracking changes in the city through food and the senses [P+W]3
09:00Aula 1Body06Body, affect, senses and emotion: fields and perspectives [SIEF Working Group on Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions (BASE)]2
09:00Aula 30Digi02Changing features? Performing the self in digital culture [SIEF WG Digital Ethnology and Folklore] [P+R]3
09:00Aula 13Disc01Tracing/tracking/transforming histories of ethnology/folklore: toward critical methodologies [SIEF Working Group on Historical Approaches in Cultural Analysis] [P+R]3
09:00Aula 15Disc06Tracking the creative process: conversations in art-making and academic research [P+R]3
09:00Aula 31Disc08Ethnographies revisited: the test of time [P+R]2
09:00Aula 17Disc12Being there... and there... and where? Imagining the field in between [P+R]3
09:00Aula 3Econ05Traces of tourism: global changes, local impacts? From sustainability to resilience2
09:00Aula 19Env02Localizing climate change: global changes - local responses3
09:00Aula 20Env05Volatile waters, improvised worlds: hydrosocial transformations and the making of orderly flows [P+R]3
09:00Aula 18Gend01Into a trans-forming world: exploring genders and postgenders [SIEF Working Group on Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions (BASE)] [P+R]2
09:00Aula 22Heri01Silencing memories: routes, monuments and heritages2
09:00Aula 26Life06Tracking the ordinary2
09:00Aula 4Medi01Changing moralities and practices of healthy eating2
09:00Aula 11Mig01Change and challenge: practices and forms of (non-) belonging2
09:00Aula 8 (Andrés S. Suárez)Nar02Tracking changes on the margins of texts and written culture [SIEF Working Group of Historical Approaches in Cultural Analysis]2
09:00Aula 24Reli04Fluidity and transformation in contemporary religiosity: re-tracking the sacred in a changing world2
09:00Aula 9Rur02Tracking changes in the mountains: imaginaries, mobilities, narratives2
11:15Aula 6Arch02Keeping track of your field data [SIEF Working Group on Archives] [W]1
11:15Aula 21Heri04The cultural politics of emotion: transformations of heritage and the sacred2
11:15Aula 28Life08The unnoticed. Everyday life, materiality and the musealization of changes2
11:15Aula 12Mig03Transnationalism, (im)mobilities and informal practices in Europe, and beyond [SIEF Working Group on Migration and Mobility]1
11:15Aula 7Nar05Orality in writing. Tracking changes on transforming "traditions"2
11:15Aula 25Reli02The changing character of pilgrimages2
16:30Aula 10Age02Practices and materialisations of active ageing1
16:30Aula 5Arch03Collaborative curation: towards a slow archives movement1
16:30Aula 1Body04Assisted reproduction with "third-party" participation: surpassing the limits of kinship1
16:30Aula 11Disc03Location and generation: scholarly mobility and disciplinary (in-)coherence [R]1
16:30Aula 29Pol04Performing transformation, claiming transition: public gatherings and rituals in Catalonia from the 1970s to the present1

17 Apr, 2019

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00Aula 10Age03Tracking age in a transforming world2
09:00Aula 1Arch04Museums and material culture: tracking the impact of the participatory turn2
09:00Aula 5Body02Affect and atmospheres in the ethnographic between [SIEF Working Group on Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions (BASE)]2
09:00Aula 30Digi01New networked nationalisms: tracking the role of digital ethnology and folklore in a changing political landscape [SIEF Working Group on Digital Ethnology and Folklore (DEF)] [P+R]2
09:00Aula 13Disc05Changement de cap ou erreur d'aiguillage? L'ethnologie européenne et le folklore face aux transformations du monde contemporain [Francophone Network]2
09:00Aula 31Disc10Peripheral wisdom. Unlearning, not-knowing and ethnographic limits2
09:00Aula 17Disc13Tracking the impact of ideologies, agendas, and agency in the processes of producing and representing knowledge of folklore2
09:00Aula 15Disc14Art, artists, and social justice in folklore and ethnography [P+R]2
09:00Aula 2Econ01Remembering the factory: industrial pasts and presents2
09:00Aula 3Econ02"Fake it 'till you make it": anthropological explorations of 'falsity' in times of rapid social transformation2
09:00Aula 19Env01Landscape - the instructions manual: negotiating the meanings of landscape [SIEF Working Group Space-lore and Place-lore]2
09:00Aula 21Heri06Heritage and audiovisual production: entanglements on the crossroad2
09:00Aula 28Life04On/off track: transformative powers of vehicles and transport infrastructures2
09:00Aula 25Life05Do-it-yourself in the transforming world: practices, effects, materialities2
09:00Aula 26Life07(Trans)national in vernacular mnemonic practices2
09:00Aula 4Medi02Medical humanities transforming in the 21st century2
09:00Aula 11Mig04"Let's talk about culture again!" Re-imagining culture in the processes of mobility and settling down2
09:00Aula 12Mig06Embodying social and political transformations in borderlands: anthropological analyses2
09:00Aula 7Nar01Widening the focus on narratives [SIEF Working group on Narratives founding panel]2
09:00Aula 6Nar03To narrate narrators: a "making of"2
09:00Aula 29Pol01'I want to live like common people'. Narratives, semantics, and pictures of the popular within the populist transformation of political discourse2
09:00Aula 24Reli03Religious in idiosyncrasy. New religious movements in the 21st century [SIEF Ethnology of Religion Working Group]2
09:00Aula 22Reli05Spirituality: a transforming discourse of transformation2
09:00Aula 9Rur03Transforming transhumance pastoralism, 'heritagization' and new rural economies2
09:00Aula 18Sui01Cuteness: forms, politics, transformations1
09:00Aula 8 (Andrés S. Suárez)Sui02Current images of socialism2
11:15Aula 20Pol02Shaking the city from the bottom-up. Ideologies and practices in the making of a pro-active urbanity1

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
[TBD]Salon de Graos, Facultade de Ciencias Económicas e Empresariais, Campus NorteAV01Track changes: reflecting on a transforming world (audiovisual media)0