SIEF2019 14th Congress: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
14-17 April 2019

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  • Age: Reflections on practices, experiences and representations of cultures of various generations and of ageing.
  • Archives and Museums: The future of archives and museums, traditions of institutional and individual archiving and museum practices, and disciplinary concerns about the use and future of archives and museums.
  • Body, Affects, Senses, Emotions: Aspects of the body, embodiment, senses and emotional life in the context of cultural practices and lived experience, as well as politics and social movements.
  • Digital: Ethnographic practices of researching (increasingly) virtual lives, with digital technologies.
  • Disciplinary and methodological discussions: Keeping track of the current state of affairs in ethnology, folklore, anthropology and related fields, as well as their origins, interconnectedness and future.
  • Economy and Work: Looks at economic aspects of transformations, global and local economies, industry, tourism, entrepreneurship, work in change and as generators of change.
  • Environment: Explores the congress theme through the prism of environmental changes, landscapes and ecosystems.
  • Everyday Life: Processes and practices of transformation in everyday situations and routines that make the texture of daily life.
  • Gender: Gender politics and sexualities, including discussions on ethnographic traditions, masculinities, power, body politics, identity politics etc.
  • Health and Medicine: Reflections on changing conceptualizations of health and transforming medicine worlds, including narratives and practices of healing.
  • Heritage: Heritage and the processes and practices of heritagization, including the politics of intangible heritage, material heritage, museums, memory and commemoration, heritage management etc.
  • Migration and Borders: The challenges and dreams of refugees and minority groups as well as the politics and economics of migration, borders as contested spaces.
  • Narratives: Panels that bring together scholars using narratological tools for making sense of transformations, human adjustment and experiences.
  • Politics and Social Movements: Transformations present in contemporary human activism, social movements, egalitarianism and democratic processes.
  • Religion and Rituals: Keeping track of rituals, religious practices, spiritualities and social change in various religious contexts
  • Rural: Transformations in country life, issues of traditional knowledge, and the cultural and socio-economic challenges rural areas face in the contemporary world.
  • Sui Generis: Panels that address the conference theme from thematic angles unique to the panel