SIEF2017 13th Congress: Göttingen, Germany
26-30 March 2017


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27 Mar, 2017

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30KWZ 2.601Arch01Dwelling in the cultural archives I: traces, experiences and meaningsemail
08:30VG 4.105Body04Dwelling in musical movement: making a home both in and through musicemail
08:30VG 4.106Body07Experimenting with methods in critical affective researchemail
08:30KWZ 0.606Env01Dwelling in an evanescent landscape: people's strategies to deal with chronical uncertaintyemail
08:30KWZ 0.607Env04Les rituels de l'habiter hier et aujourd'hui, entre rapport aux lieux et patrimoineemail
08:30KWZ 0.610Food01Ethnographies of home-made food: crisis, craft and creativityemail
08:30VG 4.107Gend01Gendered ways of dwelling: masculinities, bodies and affects in neoliberal timesemail
08:30KWZ 1.701Heri03Imperatives of participation in the heritage regime: statecraft, crisis, and creative alternatives (Cultural Heritage and Property Working Group)email
08:30VG 3.107Home05Habitat in the making: between expert mediations and the poetics of daily lifeemail
08:30VG 3.105Home10Dwelling of Others: non-human homes from a puddle to an animal reserveemail
08:30VG 3.104Home11Books create a home: exploring books and reading practices as domestic symbols and ritualsemail
08:30VG 2.103Mat03Dwelling in craftemail
08:30ZHG 002Mig01Cultures of (out-)migration: living with, fleeing from, being tainted byemail
08:30ZHG 004Mig04Mediating everyday life: dwelling in a digital age (Migration and Mobility Working Group)email
08:30VG 3.108Nar01Das Märchenschloss: Luxuriöse Behausung in märchenhaften Erzählungenemail
08:30VG 3.101Nar02Narratives of temporary dwelling(s): critical and historical perspectivesemail
08:30KWZ 1.601Reli01Building personal religiosity as ways of dwelling religion. From spiritual seekers to faithful believers. (SIEF Ethnology of Religion Working Group Panel)email
08:30KWZ 1.731Reli03Sacred space and place and their symbolic adoptionemail
08:30KWZ 0.609Rur01Rural dwellings: various ways of homemakingemail
08:30VG 4.103Urba01Urban development from belowemail
08:30VG 4.104Urba04Sharing the city: economies and ecologies of urban dwellingemail
10:45ZHG 004Mig03Temporalities, migration and home: comparative perspectivesemail
10:45ZHG 002Mig10Translocal living and dwelling: homes in the makingemail
10:45VG 4.104Sui05Occupying spaces: dwelling as resistanceemail
16:00KWZ 0.607Env03Sensory ethnography and the anthropocene: new methods for new milieu (SIEF WG on Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions)email
16:00KWZ 0.606Env07WORKSHOP: The changing time and rhythms of wateremail
16:00VG 4.107Gend02Between crisis and creativity: queer ways of dwellingemail
16:00VG 3.108Home01Home arenas, home victories, home team: negotiated identities and contested belonging in the context of spectator sportsemail
16:00VG 3.104Home09The single-family home: detecting the cultural impact of a Fordist heritageemail
16:00VG 2.103Mat05Dwelling(s): museum practice meets ethnologyemail
16:00KWZ 0.609Mig06WORKSHOP: Jungles, squats, camps and houses: ethnographic accounts of refugee dwelling practices in the context of the recent "refugee crisis" in Europe and the Middle Eastemail
16:00KWZ 0.610Rur02The rural home as a site of productionemail
16:00VG 4.103Urba02La ville en fête : appropriation et intégration de la jeunesse dans les pratiques festivesemail
16:00VG 3.107Work02Transnationalism and work-life (im)mobilites in the UN system and beyondemail

28 Mar, 2017

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30KWZ 2.601Arch02Dwelling in the virtual space: digital approaches and archival practicesemail
08:30VG 4.107Body02Ways of dwelling: a phenomenological approachemail
08:30VG 4.105Body03Sensoriality and emotionality of home and home-makingemail
08:30VG 4.106Body08WORKSHOP: Walking-home. exploring experience and knowledge of place and motionemail
08:30KWZ 0.606Env02Re-inhabiting the void: returns and re-imaginings of the Northemail
08:30KWZ 0.610Food02Food for thought (and dwelling) in uncertain timesemail
08:30KWZ 1.731Heri01Heritage & place-making: crossroads of secularization & sacralizationemail
08:30KWZ 1.701Heri05Re-enchantment, ritualisation, heritage-making: processes of tradition reconfiguration in Europe: historical and ethnographic examplesemail
08:30VG 3.108Home03Temporalities of dwelling elsewhere: placing and displacing home (SIEF Place Wisdom Group)email
08:30VG 3.104Home07Imagined homelands: home seen from a symbolic perspectiveemail
08:30VG 3.107Home08Dis)comforts of home: historical and cultural perspectivesemail
08:30VG 2.103Mat01Walls of glass: visibility and transparence in materiality and metaphoremail
08:30ZHG 004Mig02Daily life and struggles of asylum-seekers living in temporary dwellings within Europeemail
08:30ZHG 002Mig09Roads, routes and the Terra Infirma: distance and place making through the lens of dwelling-in-travellingemail
08:30VG 3.101Nar04Storytelling, story-dwelling: home, crisis, and transformation in fiction and scholarshipemail
08:30KWZ 1.601Reli04Religious dwelling/semail
08:30KWZ 0.607Sui02Thrift and dwelling: popular media representations of 'appropriate' ways of being in the worldemail
08:30VG 3.105Sui06Static vs. dynamic, nature vs. culture in the dwelling-connected practices of the ritual year (SIEF Ritual Year Working Group Panel)email
08:30VG 4.103Urba03The vulnerable middle class? Strategies of housing in a prospering cityemail
08:30VG 4.104Urba09Materializing exile: production of difference and diversity in the cityemail
10:45VG 2.103Mat04Shared spaces: perspectives on animal architectureemail
10:45KWZ 0.607Sui03Clashing scales of infrastructural developmentemail
16:00ZHG 004Mig08Considerations of care needs and death as a critical issue between dwelling and mobility in the lives of senior migrantsemail
16:00VG 4.105Sui04Living in space - Earth orbit and beyond: a novel confluence of agency, culture, design, technology, and purposeemail
16:00VG 4.103Urba06Re:dwelling: city space and retro-fying practicesemail
16:00VG 3.107Work01Travailler chez soi ou habiter son travail. La mixité des sphères domestiques et professionnellesemail

29 Mar, 2017

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
08:30KWZ 2.601Arch03Dwelling in the cultural archives II: policies and archive practicesemail
08:30VG 4.106Body01Towards an aesthetics of dwellingemail
08:30VG 4.107Body05Home is where the heart is (broken)?email
08:30VG 4.105Body06WORKSHOP: The acoustics of dwelling, a sound programmeemail
08:30KWZ 0.606Env05Amphibious dwelling: exploring life between wet and dryemail
08:30KWZ 0.607Env06Ethnocartography revisitedemail
08:30KWZ 0.610Food03Kitchen storiesemail
08:30KWZ 1.731Heri04Contentious war cultural heritageemail
08:30KWZ 1.701Heri06The politics of memorialisation: proliferating imaginations and conflicting objectivesemail
08:30VG 3.104Home02Images and the imaginary of Home: analysing pictures and visual culture in times of securitization and domopoliticsemail
08:30VG 3.108Home04Makeshift 'homing'email
08:30VG 3.107Home06Manifestations of dwelling: the meaning of home in everyday structures and landscapesemail
08:30VG 2.103Mat02Repairing the peripheryemail
08:30KWZ 0.609Mig05Images of home away from home (Migration and Mobility Working Group)email
08:30ZHG 002Mig07Problematising asylum seeker and refugee accommodation: dwelling, housing, shelving?email
08:30ZHG 004Mig11Mobile lives, local dwellingsemail
08:30VG 3.101Nar03Traumatic narratives of losing homeemail
08:30KWZ 1.601Reli02Dwelling and creating within and across religious traditions (SIEF Ethnology of Religion Working Group Panel)email
08:30VG 3.105Sui01Digitally dwelling: the challenges of digital ethnology and folklore and the methods to overcome thememail
08:30VG 4.103Urba05The everyday makeshifts of life at the urban marginsemail
08:30VG 4.104Urba07Dwelling in the festive cityemail

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
[TBD]ZHG building hallway (in front of rooms 001-007)Post01POSTERS: Ways of Dwelling: Crisis - Craft - Creativityemail