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01 Jun, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
11:30Senate House - Room G3P001Making images, making worlds. Art-Process-Archaeologyemail
11:30Senate House - Room G4P009Art and Personhood in the Historical Moment: Rethinking Gell and
11:30British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreP011The effects of digitisation: art, object, knowledge, responsibilityemail
11:30SOAS - Brunei Lecture TheatreP015Breaking the Silence: Heritage Objects and Cultural Memoryemail
11:30SOAS - Brunei B104P016Art, Authenticity and Authority: Traversing the Power Strugglesemail
11:30British Museum - StudioP019Art (and anthropology) beyond materiality and representationemail
11:30SOAS - Brunei B211P027Materialising the Imagination: How People Make Ideas Manifestemail
11:30Senate House - GordonP031Re Materializing Colouremail
11:30SOAS - Khalili Lecture TheatreP044Revealing Histories of Violence: The Representational Politics of Traceemail
11:30SOAS - Senate House S108P046Exhibiting Anthropology beyond Museum Collectionsemail
11:30SOAS - Main Building G51aP055The Anthropology of Drawingemail
11:30Senate House - Room G16P059"Culture in Action": Between Performance and Ethnographyemail
11:30Senate House - Room G5P066Art with/for the community: anthropological perspectivesemail
11:30SOAS - Main Building G51P070Apprenticeship: Illuminating Persons and Places through Shared Practice and Performanceemail
11:30SOAS - Senate House S110P086A Museum of Architecture: Challenging Representation(s)email
11:30SOAS - Brunei B204P089The Anthropology of Creativity in Artemail
11:30SOAS - Russell T102P090Relating to Raptors: The Art of Human Engagements with Birds of Preyemail
11:30Senate House - Room G7P091Anthropologies of witnessing: imaginaries, technologies, practicesemail
11:30SOAS - Brunei B201P109Curating with an Anthropological Approachemail
14:00SOAS - Russell T102P005Photography in Archives and Practiceemail
14:00SOAS - Brunei B204P014Representing 'Modern' Global, Local and Imperial Histories in Object-Centred Museumsemail
14:00Senate House - Room G5P073Tourism, Materiality, Representation and 'the Large'email
16:00SOAS - Senate House S108P088Deliberate Destruction of Cultural Heritageemail
16:00SOAS - Russell T102P103Archives and Anthropologyemail
17:45British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreKeynoteArt and Anthropology for a Sustainable Worldemail

02 Jun, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00SOAS - Senate House S118P004Architecture and Anthropologyemail
09:00British Museum - Anthropology LibraryP006Museums of Asian Arts outside Asia: Questioning Artefacts, Cultures and Identitiesemail
09:00SOAS - Brunei B202P013Drawings Of, Drawings By, and Drawings
09:00British Museum - StudioP017Seeing Past the Settler Gaze: Objects and Objectivity in the Post-Colonial Archiveemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S113P020Making, Materials and Recovery: Perspectives "from the inside"email
09:00British Museum - Stevenson Lecture TheatreP029Bodies of Archives/Archival Bodiesemail
09:00SOAS - Main Building 4426P039Liberating the past or haunting the future?email
09:00SOAS - Senate House S312P040Art and Material Culture in Prehistoric Europeemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S110P042Knowing by singing: song, acoustic ecologies and the overflow of meaningemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler AP047Ka Waihona Palapala Mānaleo: Challenging Provenance in a Time of Resource Abundanceemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S314P051The indigenous city: ecologies, imaginations and the urban space in Latin Americaemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S320P056Photography and Political Belongingemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S209P057The Aesthetics of Modelling: patterns, politics and pleasure in visual representationsemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S108P058Making and Growing: the art of gardensemail
09:00SOAS - Brunei B201P060What makes an artist? Examining the social and pedagogical influence in being and becoming artistsemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S311P063Heritage, beyond materiality: intangible cultural heritage, collaborative methodologies and imaginations of the futureemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler BP064Redefining the curator, curatorial practice, and curated spaces in anthropologyemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S211P065The state of the art: the anthropology of art and the anthropology of the stateemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S116P079For an anthropology of the art world: Exploring institutions, actors and art works between circulation and territorialisation processesemail
09:00SOAS - Main Building 4429P085Containers / Containmentemail
09:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreP087Stories with things: processing materials and generating social worldsemail
09:00SOAS - Brunei B204P098Beauty and its Dilemmasemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S208P106Tourist Art and Commodificationemail
11:00British Museum - Sackler AP008Anthropology in the Art Museumemail
11:00SOAS - Brunei B211P025Agile Objects: The Art and Anthropology of Re-materializationemail
11:00British Museum - StudioP092The art of infrastructureemail
11:00SOAS - Senate House S208P105Museums and Anthropologyemail
14:30SOAS - Senate House S311P021Anthropological Traditions, Critical Theory and Museological Diversityemail
14:30British Museum - Sackler AP028Mutable Materialities of Indigenous Ways of Lifeemail
14:30SOAS - Senate House S314P038A clinical anthropology of art: theoretical, practical and disciplinary implicationsemail
14:30British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreP050Re-thinking Source Communities: Plural, Urban Indigenous Communities and Cosmopolitan Objectsemail
14:30SOAS - Senate House S108P053Ethnographies of Art, Materiality and Representation: Between Art History and Anthropology, A SOAS Traditionemail
14:30SOAS - Senate House S209P061Amazonian Contemporary Art, and its Impacts in Fixing Imaginaries in Transmutational Culturesemail
14:30British Museum - Sackler BP069Confluences of Art History and Anthropologyemail
14:30SOAS - Senate House S118P078Art, cinema and animism in Modernity and Extra-modernityemail
14:30SOAS - Brunei B204P083Performing Culture: Art and Performance for Coming to Know and Expressing Knowledge in the Social Sciencesemail
14:30SOAS - Brunei B201P097Art and Craft and the Politics of Re-inventing Tradition in Postcolonial Spacesemail
14:30SOAS - Main Building 4426P108Materiality and Imagining Communities email
16:30SOAS - Senate House S108P012Dis/enchantment and the popular arts in Nigeriaemail
16:30SOAS - Senate House S320P033Curating futuresemail
16:30SOAS - Brunei B211P035Art, Culture and Materiality in the Arabian Peninsulaemail
16:30SOAS - Main Building 4429P041A Grey Zone: Sites of Contemporary Art and Anthropologyemail
16:30SOAS - Senate House S116P077Urban Memories: Mobility, Materiality and Photographic Practiceemail
16:30SOAS - Senate House S113P082Matters of the Spirit: Mapping Brazilian, Cuban, and Haitian Ritual Aesthetics in the Afro-Atlanticemail

03 Jun, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00British Museum - Anthropology LibraryP002Art as Ethnography/Ethnography as Artemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S209P003Representing and Depicting Animalsemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S312P007Aesthetics and the making of religious collectivitiesemail
09:00SOAS - Brunei B211P022Doing, making, collaborating: art as anthropologyemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S116P024Material subjectivities and artistic expression in visual anthropologyemail
09:00SOAS - Main Building 4429P030Art and History Museums in the Middle East as places of social and political productionemail
09:00British Museum - Stevenson Lecture TheatreP032Museum Affordances: Collections, Interventions, Exhibitionsemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S118P037Museums as contested terrains: Memory work and politics of representation in Greater Chinaemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S211P045From Palestine Out: Art and the Political Imaginationemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler BP048The Future of Anthropological Representation: Contemporary Art and/in the Ethnographic Museumemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S108P052Artefacts and visual systems in Oceania and Americaemail
09:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatreP062Design Anthropology: Uniting experience and imagination in the midst of social and material transformationemail
09:00British Museum - StudioP068The Future of Craft: Apprenticeship, Transmission and Heritageemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S314P072Making Research Material: Anthropology, Creative Art, and New Materialismsemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S320P081Comparing Notes: Realising the Sacred and the Self in Artemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S208P094Creative Art/Anthropology Praxis as Revelation and Resistanceemail
09:00SOAS - Brunei B204P099Representations of displacement and the struggle for home and homemakingemail
09:00British Museum - Sackler AP100Collections as Currency? Objects, Exchange, Values and Institutionsemail
09:00SOAS - Senate House S113P107Conflict and Activismemail
09:00SOAS - Brunei B201P110Materiality, Body and Art Practiceemail
11:00SOAS - Senate House S320P093The Performativity of Matter: Decolonial Materialist Practices in/from the Global Southemail
11:00SOAS - Senate House S311P101Art, Dreams and Miracles: Reflections and Representationsemail
13:30SOAS - Senate House S113P018Notions of Failure in Art and Anthropologyemail
13:30SOAS - Main Building 4426P026Participation and Guardianship: On the Ownership of Images in Movementemail
13:30SOAS - Senate House S314P049Beauty and the Beast: photography, the body and sexual discourse in the Middle East and Central Eurasiaemail
13:30SOAS - Senate House S211P075Art and Autonomy Across the Global Southemail
13:30SOAS - Senate House S116P080Depiction of the Dead: ethical challenges and cognitive biasemail
13:30SOAS - Senate House S110P095Organ transplantation and art: The ethics and politics of representationemail
13:30SOAS - Brunei B202P096Humanism in the Anthropology Museum?email
13:30SOAS - Brunei B201P104Indigenous Material Culture and Representationemail
15:30SOAS - Senate House S108P010Australian Aboriginal artists, the archive and cross-cultural collaborationsemail
15:30SOAS - Brunei B204P023Fashioning Africa: performance, representation and identityemail
15:30British Museum - StudioP034Cultural Professional Practice in the Age of Globalisationemail
15:30British Museum - Sackler AP036Ethnography and the repatriation of artistic heritageemail
15:30SOAS - Main Building 4429P043Performance, design and aestheticsemail
15:30SOAS - Brunei B211P054Ephemeral, transformational and collaborative: Ethnographies of art eventsemail
15:30British Museum - Stevenson Lecture TheatreP067Ambivalence about art: dilemmas for ethnographic
15:30SOAS - Senate House S312P074Going beyond the contemporary? Art, anthropology, ontologyemail
15:30SOAS - Main Building 4426P076Hybridity Between the Practice of Art and Ethnographyemail
15:30SOAS - Senate House S118P084Aesthetics and Performativity: Form and substance in cultural politicsemail
15:30SOAS - Senate House S113P102Art beyond visual (cognitive designs) as creative praxis: A nexus for uncertain worldviewemail
17:00British Museum - BP Lecture TheatrePlenary3Art, Ethnology and Indigeneityemail