A Unique Perspective: The Digital Transformation of the RAI Archive 
Ray Abruzzi (WileyColumbia)
British Museum - Claus Moser Room
Saturday 2 June, 14:30-16:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Please join Dr David Shankland and archivist Sarah Walpole as they discuss the breadth of content that was unearthed for the recent RAI Archive digitisation project they worked on with Wiley this year. They will cover topics including: • The valuable images and documents that were discovered during the process • The hurdles involved in reviewing, cataloguing, and digitising 150 years of archival holdings. • The value that the digital version of the archive represents to both the RAI and researchers who would want to access this content, in comparison to the original physical archives. • The wider value of the RAI archive to the history of anthropology, and its cognate disciplines such as Anthropology, Archaeology, or Cultural Studies.

Accepted papers: