Authors and papers

This page lists all the accepted papers by author. Click on a panel reference to see the panel page and paper details.

Aagesen, DortheTurning the Table: Exploring Affordances in German ExpressionismP032
Aagesen, DortheGerman Expressionism, Anthropology, and ColonialismP069
Abughannam, RanaRuins Before Victims: The primacy of the object in reconstructing the cityP044
Adamson, AnneBetween WorldsP099
Adler, TalCreative Co-production - A Step Beyond Artistic InterventionsP048
Afonso Branco Ramos Pinto, PedroFilms that Think and Feel: An Essay on 'Sense', the 'Senses', and Experimental Approaches to Ethnographic FilmmakingP024
Ahlberg, KarinWhen tourism aesthetic rules - Tourism promotion as a mode of stagecraft and as an aesthetic force in Mubarak's EgyptP065
Ahlgren, IngridMarshallese weaving patterns: Encoding class, clan and change through designP028
Ajasse, AmarildoBehind the Display: the role of Rockefeller foundation on the first's exhibitions of Contemporary African Art at the Venice Art Biennale.P079
Al-Hudaid, NadaArt and Karamat (Miracles) among Shia Artists in KuwaitP101
Alderman, JonathanThe role of the UNESCO declaration in developing an ethno-nationalism in the AndesP063
Alderson, HelenWoven textiles and gendered identities within a cosmopolitan Micronesia (1820s-1920s)P009
Alfaro, GarikoitzCan the trace speak? Counter-forensics and the material legacies of Bloody Sunday (1972)P044
Alkan, AybikeLarge Dams as Affectively Charged Entities: The Art of Making the NationP092
Allen, LindyA Dialogic Discourse in Museums - Multiple Voices and Meaning MakingP010
Allen, MichaelMaking Meaning in an Autistic Theatre CompanyP059
Almeida, RodrigoDigital Interpretation and Meaning: Reflections from Cultural PolicyP011
Aloi, GiovanniSpeculative Taxidermy: Vulnerability and MaterialityP003
Alomoto Cumanicho, AngélicaRitual, Body and Image in the Contemporary Artistic Practice Amazonan Quijos: How Do Artists Represent Mutable And Non-visual Beings?P061
Altinisik, AsliNational Museum of Beirut: Narrative, Identity, MoneyP030
Alvarado Lincopi, ClaudioPANARIFE (bread maker): History and Theater, thinking the city from the Mapuche perspective.P051
Alves, Lara BacelarStarting from a dot. Imagery making traditions in Iberian prehistoric art.P001
Anastassakis, ZoyAnthropology by means of design in a Brazilian Indigenous Museum. Account of an ongoing experimentation.P062
Angel, GemmaThe Body in the Archive: Embodiment, Storytelling & Human RemainsP029
Anggawi, Sophie MahakamWitnessing through Art: The Environmentalist Engagement of Tolak ReklamasiP091
Annus, EppDisplacement and home-making in Estonia after 1945P099
Anusas, MikeAnthropology uncertain and in-the-makingP062
Apostu, Alina'Performing' Sacred Music in Contemporary Anglican ChurchP081
Araguete-Toribio, ZahiraRemaking Familial Identity through Contested Archival Traces in Post-Franco SpainP044
Argenti, NicolasThe love of flowers: boats, time and the navigation of catastrophe in the AegeanP068
Arias, EstebanThree ways of seeing the inaudible and listening to the invisible: Shamanism and graphics in the Peruvian Amazon.P061
Ariati, WayanScary Mask/Local Protector: the curious history of Ida Ratu Gede GombrangP007
Ariefiansyah, RhinoPerforming Out of Limbo: Reflections on Doing Anthropology through Music with Oromo Refugees in IndonesiaP083
Arista, NoelaniI ka ʻōlelo no ke ola: Hawaiian textual materiality, embodied speech and object narrativesP047
Arkomanis, EktorasThe Skin of Walls and Animals; Film Notes on Work, Labour and Materiality in Kerameikos and Elaionas, AthensP072
Árnason, ArnarSpecies extinction: art, materiality and the representation of material loss in the age of the AnthropoceneP025
Arndt, LotteCinema as a space to contest object-centered approaches in ethnographic museumsP048
Arya, RinaCultural Appropriation and AuthenticityP016
Astreou Karides, SetaMuseums of Struggle/Struggling Museums: Performance, Education and National Narratives in CyprusP059
Atkinson, JonathanPerforming Infrastructure: A dialogue between Anthropology, Art and ActivismP092
Aubinet, StephaneMusical notation and non-human voices in Sámi joikP042
Aucoin, PaulineThe Anthropology of Spatial Histories: Landscape Gardens, Political Philosophy, and Spatial MeaningP004
Austin Locke, TobyCommoning Anthropologically and Ethnographic Conceptualism: Intervention, Experimentation, UncertaintyP019
Avery, CherylSeeing Past the Settler Gaze: An Introduction to Objects and Objectivity in the Post-Colonial ArchiveP017
Ayodeji, OluwafemiGift or Anointing? Performance versus Ministration: Experiencing the Sacred Presence through Music in Yorùbá PentecostalismP081
Azevedo, AinaThe collection of ethnographic drawings from San Petersburg KunstkameraP002
Back Danielsson, Ing-Marie"Guldgubbar" as entangled material practicesP001
Bakke, GretchenApposition, Art, and Anthropology, or, Is it possible to write a poem about climate change without using the word shit?P019
Balachandran, SanchitaOne of Us? Navigating 'rehumanisation' questions in the depiction and display of ancient Egyptians from the Johns Hopkins Archaeological MuseumP080
Balasubramanian, HarshadhaMaking Manifestations Accessible: The Case of Theatre Audio Description for Sight-impaired AudiencesP027
Balma-Tivola, CristinaPerspectives and visions. About the uses of ethnographic artefacts in art museums and exhibitions discourses in Italy.P109
Banasik, Barbara EwaFrom folk art to fine art - exhibiting painting of IndiaP067
Bancroft-Hunt, SilviaA painter’s approach of defining meaning and relevance of Native American FacepaintsP052
Bank, CharlotteCritique by Association. Chaza Charaffedine's "Divine Comedy" and contemporary representations of gender in the Middle EastP049
Bankole-Race, EniMounted by Orisa : Praxis and Representation of 'Outsider Artists' Personal Landscapes in Political RealityP094
Bardet, MarieBecoming a seismograph bodyP093
Bargna, IvanThe Dinner of Desires: artists, anthropologists and homeless people at Expo Milan 2015P019
Barker, GarryDrawings of stories toldP107
Barker, MeghanneAestheticizing Kazakhstani Futures: The Place of Children in Space-Age LandscapesP065
Barkess-Kerr, GabrielleCuration and Art Exhibition: Anthropological Knowledge(s) within an Ethnographic ReflectionP109
Baron, JacopoRaising mental monuments. Notes on the mnemonic processes embedded in Ni-Vanuatu sandroing.P104
Barroca, DanielA shift of attention?P076
Barros, CesarRe-Shaping Wealth: Matter as Dissident De-colonial Agency In the Work of Chilean Visual Artist Alejandra PrietoP093
Bartole, TomiThe heart and the work of the heart: The 'discovery' of an-other insideP085
Barzetti, GiorgiaBetween global and local: "Objects of Encounter", the new exhibition gallery of The Museum of Cultures (Mudec) of MilanP014
Basu, PaulDigital Affordances - Remediation, Rearticulation, RecirculationP011
Basu, PaulMuseum Affordances: Collections, Interventions, Exhibitions (Introduction)P032
Battaglia, GiuliaIntroduction to the panelP029
Behrouzan, OrkidehObjects and the Materiality of MemoryP043
Belaunde, Luisa ElviraImages and plants in Amazonian visual artsP061
Belden-Adams, KrisComposita, the 'Mascot' of the Smith College Class of 1886: Remembering College Sisterhood and Social-Caste Expectations, Gender NormsP005
Belgrano, Elisabeth A singing orna/mentor's performance or ir/rational practiceP042
Belharte, StefanieViewing Landscape and Livelihoods: Some Ecological Affordances of Material CultureP032
Bell, Joshua A.Keg No 5: Bird Collecting and the Value of Specimens from the US North Pacific Expedition (1853-56)P100
Benay, ErinObject Knowledge: India and the Indies in the Renaissance CollectionP002
Benque, DavidSpeculative diagrams: plotting to reclaim algorithmic predictionP062
Bera, SuramaThe Harrowing Euphony of Jhumur songs: Depiction of lives in Jangal Mahal area of BengalP083
Beran, HarryWas the expression of exceptional artistic talent possible in traditional Oceanic artP089
Berglund, EevaMeeting, reading and writing: an anthropological approach to some practices of imagining new normalsP027
Berman, JudithReassembling The Social Organization: Museum Collections, Indigenous Knowledge, and the Recuperation of the Franz Boas/George Hunt Archive.P015
Bermejo, TaliaA market for museums or the path followed by a modern art collection. Buenos Aires 1960-1970P100
Bernard, RosemarieDestruction of Material and Immaterial Cultural Heritage Since TimbuktuP088
Bersani, MonicaNeolithic art in Italy: the representation of human figure on vaseP040
Bertolossi, LeonardoMore than an indigenous artist: Fritz Scholder's modernist-indigenous being/non-beingP074
Bhangu, HarnoorSaving Asia: The Past and Present of Asian Art Objects in Western MuseumsP006
Biagioli, MarioFrom Mapping Knowledge to Digitizing ImpactP011
Bierski, KrzysztofPrescriptive and improvisational movement in wellbeing.P020
Billeri, FrancescaThe Process of Preservation and Re-construction of Musical Heritage in Contemporary CambodiaP063
Binter, JuliaTransdisciplinary translations in the art museum - The exhibition "The Blind Spot" at the Kunsthalle Bremen, GermanyP008
Biscione, MarcoRethinking Asian Museums in ItalyP006
Biswas, DebanjaliA Long Portrait: Aesthetics and politics in everyday photography in Manipur, IndiaP084
Biswas, SutapaDisplacement and the Oral Narrative of a Sari: Between Life and an ExhibitionP094
Boeck, Angelika‚Portrait as Dialogue' - a transcultural encounterP110
Bollo, SofiaRepresenting the Prehistoric Past in Comprehensive Public Museums in Greater ChinaP037
Bonfanti, SaraUntying the Turban. Religious embodiment and gendered politics of identity among Sikh Diaspora youthP007
Bonifacio, ValentinaDynamogram of Puerto Casado - On visualising knowledge in an interdisciplinary research project on the history of an abandoned factory in ParaguayP022
Bonnici, EmmaSinging as Life Practice: catharsis, transformation and empowerment through singing.P042
Bonshek, ElizabethPots and Patterns: transacting values in British New Guinea.P100
Bonzon, JulieNoise: the re-materialization of the digital in Phumzile Khanyile's photographic series Plastic Crown (2015-2016)P025
Borea, GiulianaThree [Peruvian Huitoto] Artists: On/and Beyond Mythology, Shamanism and PoliticsP061
Borriello, MaurizioApprentice-ships: A dialogue on boats, practices and sensesP070
Boscolo Marchi, MartaFacing the future: development and transformations of the Oriental art Museum in VeniceP006
Boukla, EiriniHand delivered: Drawing within the 'margin of error'.P013
Bounia, AlexandraDesert roses, museums and other stories: art and history narratives in and about QatarP030
Bourgès, NathalieBody Archives, Archive CorpusP029
Bowden, RossKwoma understandings of creativity in art and some implications for museumsP089
Bradley, RichardLater prehistoric rock art in Europe: places and processesP040
Brannstrom, TracySocial Ecologies of Plant Cultivation in Amazonian PeruP058
Bray, ZoePainting People as Part of Anthropology: Experimenting Practice in Public SettingsP022
Brew, AngieWorkshop. DoBeDo, Drawing to Converse. Participants will put aside verbal languages and communicate solely through drawing, to explore the universality, power and limits of collaborative drawing.P013
Brichet, NathaliaProcessing Common Ground: Exhibitions and the Greenlandic Mining ComplexP046
Brizon, ClaireImages to take home: From self-educated art practice to artistic sponsorship and commissioned workP002
Brones, SophieArchiving Photography in Lebanon : the case of the SOLIDERE and Beirut Central DistrictP034
Brown, Alison'Model of a summer festival': engagements with a narrative object in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russian FederationP015
Brown, Nicole"I can't describe what I'm going through": role and boundaries of research, arts, therapyP020
Browne, MiaThe Avaiki Way: Mutable Materials and Articulations of being Rennellese in the Solomon IslandsP028
Bublatzky, CathrineNowhere by here. Deconstructing the traces of conflict and war with artist Baptist Coelho's works.P044
Buchczyk, MagdalenaCuratorial affects and the contingency of fieldworkP064
Buerger, SabineGreat Expectations - A Portrait of the Wisbech & Fenland Museum (UK)P105
Buergi, Birgit RuthCurating art in the "age of the brain"P109
Bunn, StephanieCraft, recovery and embodied cognitionP020
Burt, BenPierre Maranda and the white-canoe of LauP036
Burton, AndrewMaking BithoorasP022
Buthpitiya, VindhyaPicturing the Disappeared: Of Resistance and Remembrance in Post-War Sri LankaP026
Buttigieg, LawrenceThe box-assemblage as a sentient artefactP085
Byrne, SarahWorld in rather than archives out: reuniting fieldwork with the anthropology museumP096
Cabau Esteves, PhilipNailing experienced images: drawing as ethnographic workP076
Cabau Esteves, PhilipAccessing experience through images of people's bodies: an encounter between ethnography and filmP076
Cabezas Pino, AngélicaAutobiographical photos as safe spaces: subverting HIV stigma using reflective visual methodsP020
Cadora, MarionCritically Reframing Artifacts and Displays of New Guinea Art: A Survey of U.S. Museum ExhibitionsP109
Calvert, ArranSinging as dwelling: exploring the articulation of dwelling through singingP042
Camarda, AntonellaWhose culture? New forms of apprenticeship in Sardinian craft-design projectsP068
Campagnaro, CristianArtefacts of inclusion: the participatory lab of Costruire BellezzaP062
Campos Lopes, SofiaOrient Museum Collections. Polysemy reduction and metonymic overuseP006
Canals, RogerThe Iconic Gift. Vision, Creativity, and Presence in the production of material religious images.P101
Cant, AlannaAesthetics, Authority and 'Scales' of Belonging in Lived Mexican CatholicismP007
Capponi, GiovannaGods or Cyborgs? The multinatural aesthetic of the 'assentamentos' in Afro-Brazilian CandombléP082
Capuano, CristianoSocial fringes and visual memories: picturing dispossession in a Sydney's inner suburbP005
Caputo Jaffe, AlessandraYe'kuana Basketry from the Venezuelan Amazon: Transferences and Adaptations of Uses and Myths in the PresentP061
Carbone, KathyTransforming Records: Poetic Becomings in the ArchiveP029
Carden, SiúnThe future of Shetland knitting: from 'maternal osmosis' to 'the responsibility of the community'P068
Cardinale, StefaniaIntangible Heritage and International Development Networks: Actors, Agency and Representation around Intangible Heritage for Development.P063
Cardoza, and the Publisher Aesthetic: The global Watch Tower Society and social 'republication'P007
Carmo, VeraBetween colonialism and post-colonialism in the exhibition "Remains of an Empire"P039
Carmon Popper, IritArt Interventions in the Service of (In)Tangible Heritage - The Case of Kufr Birʽim CommunityP063
Carnegie, ElizabethDances with Despots: Tourism performances and the taming of the large.P073
Carocci, MaxRaptors in Precolumbian North America: an Ontology of ArtP090
Carpenter, DanielCraft skills transmission and the construction of heritage discoursesP068
Carrión, ManuelWeaving an indigenous city: colonial continuities in the Mapuche and Chilean territoryP051
Carrión, ManuelFollowing the matter of Neltume's sawdustP093
Carroll, TimothyAesthetics and the making of religious collectivities: A discussionP007
Casey, SarahTouching and Tracing: The Peculiar Sensibility of Drawing in the Textiles ArchiveP013
Caspersen, HakonLife after art schoolP060
Cassola-Cochin, VirginiaDisplaying King Abdul Aziz Legacy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: One Founder, Five MuseumsP030
Castaldo, DomenicoSinging: an expansion of perceptionsP042
Castillo, DanielThe Impact of Symbolism and the Work of Indigenous Artists in Cantagallo and in their Place of Origin: The case of Roldan Pinedo and Elena ValeraP061
Catrileo, AntonioWeaving an indigenous city: colonial continuities in the Mapuche and Chilean territoryP051
Catrileo, AntonioFollowing the matter of Neltume's sawdustP093
Cattermole, JenniferThe implications of re-materialising taonga pūoro (traditional Māori musical instruments)P025
Cayuqueo, RobertoPANARIFE (bread maker): History and Theater, thinking the city from the Mapuche perspective.P051
Cefaly, PietroFrom Paper to the Ground: Architecture and Dwelling in 'the' New Town of fascism.P086
Chadwick, EstherRevolution in Room 3: Toussaint Louverture, Haiti and the British MuseumP014
Chakkalakal, SilvyEthnographic Expression. Art and Anthropology as Figuration in the U.S. between the 1920s and the 1940sP048
Chan, Chow WahDharma and animal welfareP003
Chatzikidi, KaterinaMaking ceramics and heritage in a Brazilian quilombo: reflections from Itamatatiua, MA.P068
Chen, Chuan HaoModeling Midas' Golden Touch: The Creative Process of Anthropological Exhibition DesignP057
Chen, ShuhuaRepresentation of Homemaking, Lived Experience and Inner Turbulence: Archival Research of Overseas Chinese Qiaopi Remittance LettersP099
Chenault, MarceauInvestigating body archives in the limen between human and non-human: an anthropology of movement modes.P110
Chenhall, Richard'No more secrets' - Young people's involvement in the Ngukurr community newspaperP010
Chibout, SélimaDestroy to Save. Objects selection and value hierarchy in a national film archiveP100
Chittock, HelenBeyond Repair: Iron Age 'Kintsugi' from East YorkshireP001
Chittock, HelenCreating bodies: Technologies of transformation in later prehistoric EurasiaP040
Chronis, AthinodorosIn Awe! Tourism and the (Re)Making of Imperial GrandeurP073
Chrysagis, EvangelosInfrastructural Bricolage: politics and the absence of arts infrastructureP092
Chun, soJinThe contemporary archeology of recyclables: One's trash is another's artP093
Chung, Lo YunProducing/Consuming 'Romantic Scotland' at Nanjing Museum: the Role of State MuseumsP037
Chung, Lo YunUtilising Large Sites and Historic Buildings for Tourism Promotion: (Re)Presenting Narratives of Nation Through the ArtsP073
Cinnamon, JohnDilemmas of Beauty in equatorial Africa: Representations of Power, Sexuality, and Bodily AestheticsP098
Ciotti, ManuelaMagic vitrines, the artist Karl Marx, and Gods on the market: Unstable exhibitions, encompassing assemblages, and renewable anthropologiesP079
Clark, AlisonMany Hands, Many Voices: making a new suit of Kiribati armourP087
Clarke, JenniferIntroduction to the panelP029
Clarke, MareeBloodlinesP010
Clarke, NiamhMaterial presence - drawing as thought as textP013
Clayton, SusanRefugees- Whose crisis? Moving beyond 'pity and fear' to a dialectical media practice.P094
Cleave, PaulConsuming the large in tourism - the cityP106
Cleverly, JasonThe Enlightened Eye: Situating Material Interpretation Through Creative and Collaborative Transformations.P072
Clifford Collard, Niamh Jane'Sitting in the loom' - Apprenticeship, social enskilment and the co-production of empathy in a Ghanaian workshopP070
Clough, KatherineGlazed expressions: an anthropological reflection on curation via glass screens in museum spacesP064
Cluley, RobertDo Service Workers Hear Pop Music Sing their Working Lives? Towards a Cultural Studies of OrganisationsP083
Cockburn, SylviaOld stories, new voices: anthropology museums and contemporary Pacific artP048
Coelho, BaptistNowhere by here. Deconstructing the traces of conflict and war with artist Baptist Coelho's works.P044
Cohen, MatthewWorking with Wayang: Curating Indonesian Puppets at the Yale University Art GalleryP109
Cooper, TimothyTemporary Guardianship, Mobile Custodianship: Preservation, Transmission, and Archival Knowledge in A Media Market in LahoreP026
Coral, DenizFinancial Markets on Paper: Drawings of Trading Screens by Informants as an Ethnographic Research MethodP055
Corby, VanessaFormless, Bataille and the re-materialisation of the socialP069
Cornish, CarolineMuseum exchange and the role of the 'duplicate': Kew and the trade in biocultural objectsP100
Correa, AmeliaModernity and tradition in the representations of Brazil at Magiciens de La TerreP048
Coupaye, LudovicAbove and Below: Abulës ("Abelam") Gardens as Generative SurfacesP058
Court, ElsbethRound Table Discussant - Keyword: 'Education'P053
Cozzolino, FrancescaWhen the sensitive performs reality Public art projects in Mexico rooted in the social fabric.P019
Crawford, Peter IanWhose curiosity is it? Reflections on an anthropology of aesthetics in the 21st centuryP069
Crawford, RichardAkeley's Gorillas: dark apes in 'Brightest Africa'.P003
Criado, TomásDesign in Crisis: Toolkits for pedagogical 'intraventions' in architectural trainingP086
Crockford, SusannahArt and Personhood in American Fire SpinningP009
Crook, TonyMargaret Mead's Museum HumanismP096
Crooks, KatherineArchival Excavations: Colonialism and Indigenous Presence at the Royal Ontario MuseumP017
Crouch, DavidReflections on the [im]possibilities of Beauty.P098
Cruces Ayala, EduardoReconversion-RuinP093
Cupitt, RebekahVisions of deafness: art, expression and filmmaking with D/deaf filmmakersP024
da Silva, NataliaWar, Slavery, and Aggression: Themes of Violence in Votive PracticeP108
Dale, Ragnhild FrengThe art of suing the state: Arctic oil and Norway's Trial of the CenturyP065
Daly, LewisCassava Spirit and the Seed of History: Multispecies aesthetics and the cosmology of gardens in Amazonian GuyanaP058
Daly, TimRestoring the Faith: Vernacular repainting of Catholic devotional statuary in Ireland. A photographic documentation by Tim Daly.P101
Damon, Frederick H.Asia-Pacific Legacies in Eastern Kula Ring Outrigger CanoesP052
Daniels, Inge'I felt I could step through the photograph' - Photography, Exhibition Design and AtmosphereP046
Dari, LaylaMulti-ethnic choirs: group singing as a vehicle for knowledge and integrationP042
Das, DebojyotiVisual Representation and Reportage of 19th Century South Asian Earthquakes from Colonial ArchivesP056
Das, MuktaComfort foods, liminality and non-refoulement in Hong KongP099
Datta, AnitaOrientalist Opera in the 21st CenturyP083
Datta, DivyaDesigning cultures of care for vulnerable children: Experience and imagination in Bihar, IndiaP062
Davies, SiobhanMaking something togetherP011
Davoine, FrançoiseThe use of "surviving images" in the psychoanalysis of madness and trauma.P039
Davy, JackIndigenous dissonance: letting artifacts speakP033
Dawson, IanBeing PlasticP001
de Angelo, Samir RMateriality and exhibition of the book as a ritual artefact in the Northwest AmazonP052
De Cesari, ChiaraImagining Institutions Otherwise: Art, Politics, and State FailureP065
de Dios, AnjelinePractising Authenticity: Singing and/as ListeningP083
de Greef, EricaWhat's with the Fashion Capitals in Africa?P023
de Jong, FerdinandCrafting FuturesP068
De Jong, NanetteCatwalk and Representation: Identity and ritual space in Eastern Cape, South AfricaP023
De Largy Healy, JessicaGurrutu 3.0 : objects, relations and the digital turn in north-east Arnhem Land (Australia)P011
De Luca, FrancescaCase study of a collaboration - Atlas: MATRIXP022
de Niemeyer Cesarino, PedroAmerindian shamanic iconographies (Lowland South America): a comparative studyP052
de Selincourt, ChrisHappenings Live on the Surface of DreamsP101
de Seta, GabrieleApprentice-ships: A dialogue on boats, practices and sensesP070
de Sousa Melo, PatríciaPostcolonial Museographies: Narrative(s) of Power and Ideology Display in Macau MuseumP037
De Utra Mendes, Carla Remembering, Forgetting, Discovering: Dialectics of Memory and Photography in ConversationP077
Deger, JenniferYuta anthropology: a remix experimentP094
deLahunta, ScottAnnotation as practice, products of annotation and coding schemesP011
DeLair, ChristyGetting (Un)Comfortable with(out) ThingsP046
Dell, SimonIllustration and Appropriation: The 'History' of the Bamum, c. 1930P002
Deml, LisaImag(in)ing Futurity. Photographic Projections of Alternative FuturesP039
Denner, AntjeRecovering lost significances: early collections and contemporary practicesP047
Destree, PaulineInfrastructural crisis in Accra's contemporary artP092
Di Prima, NicolòArtefacts of inclusion: the participatory lab of Costruire BellezzaP062
Díaz-Andreu, MargaritaSound and cosmological efficacy in rock art landscapesP040
Diaz-Guardamino, MartaRock art as process: Iberian Late Bronze Age 'warrior' stelae as a case studyP001
Doherty, JacobSelfies of the State: The Aesthetics of Infrastructural Repair in KampalaP092
Dohmen, RenateMatters of Matter: domestic drawings and the turning of leavesP093
Domenici, DavideThe colourful matter of chant. The materiality of colour in pre-Hispanic and colonial Mesoamerican manuscriptsP031
Donoso Macaya, ÁngelesHemispheric Photographic Collaborations: Susan Meiselas, Chile from within (1990) and Chile desde adentro (2015)P056
Douglas, LeeA Trace That was Never Meant to be: Performance, Ephemerality and the Representation of Political Violence in a Museum CollectionP044
Douglas-Jones, RachelCommittee as Witness: The governing work of ethical decisionmakingP091
Douglass, ChristineReciprocal learning: collaborative filmmaking and existential uncertaintyP020
Drazin, AdamArresting Design: the work of the studio of material lifeP062
Driver, FelixMuseum exchange and the role of the 'duplicate': Kew and the trade in biocultural objectsP100
Dubois, ArnaudColor as Action. Anthony Forge, the Anthropology of Art and Abelam's Paints.P031
Dumont, AuroreA Clothing Dilemma in Inner Mongolia: Discourses and Practices Regarding the Inscription of an Ethnic Costume on the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage"P063
Dunu, ChukwuebukaExploring the Economics of Fetishism: Igbo Uli Ethno-aesthetics in Craft and Econo-artP097
Duprez, DonAn Embroidered Being: Story Cloths, Ontologies, Entanglement, and Craft in a Hmong American CommunityP087
Durand, Carine AyéléRedefining Curatorship as skilled practiceP064
Duterme, ClaraMaterial and imagined traces of the dead : landscape and human remains in Guatemala's exhumationsP044
Dutkiewicz, JanWhen is Animal Cruelty Free Speech? Art, Violence, and Institutional Responses to CritiqueP003
Duval-Gombert, AttieThe anthropological clinic between myth and realityP038
Działo, MariaPainted bridesmaid's chests: the most popular containers in folk culture. Artifacts in contemporary everyday lifeP085
Dziedzic Wright, KristinaDecolonising the National Museums of KenyaP105
Eaton, NatashaMetacolour: Sepia and the Politics of NostalgiaP031
Edmonds, Fran'Telling it like it is': Aboriginal young people, cultural connections and digital storytellingP010
Edoh, AmahFashioning wax cloth: Vlisco designs and the aesthetic negotiation of African globalityP023
Effenberger, WolfgangSilencing the sacred calabash tree. Reflections on knowledge practices, cosmopolitics and artefacts of the "Pipil" Indians of El SalvadorP104
Ektermann, MaarinStrangers in the NightP048
Elias, HelenaCase study of a collaboration - Atlas: MATRIXP022
Elliott, MarkCollecting Another India: Challenging representation, patronage and otherness in the postcolonial museumP014
Erçin, Nazlıhan EdaWhat is a Song? Embodied Research and the Audiovisual BodyP042
Esteban Palma, Maria FernandaProducing indigenous memory via affect: Objects and places as links between lived and imagined temporalities in Bogota-Colombia.P052
Evans, CatrinCreative Spaces, Self-Authorship and Mutual InterdependenceP099
Fabbri, RobertoMuseums in the Gulf: National Identity or Cultural Diplomacy? The Different Narrative of Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah in Kuwait.P030
Faber, KatrineSinging Our Place. Shall we sing your place ? Can we recreate our common world by singing our places ? A Nordic project about singing as a way to reconnect with our places.P042
Fadda, ReemaTowards a Transnational Museum? Negotiating the Political Economy of Cultural Production in PalestineP030
Fagan Robinson, Kelly"Some guy's signing a song- it's all over the news; we can't even get interpreters for a job interview": lessons learned through signed-songs and other musical 'access' in austerity BritainP042
Failla, DonatellaCollecting karamono kodō 唐物古銅in Meiji Japan: the image of China through the archaistic Chinese bronzes of the Chiossone Museum, Genoa, ItalyP006
Falck, ChristianeThe Gender of God's Gifts - dividual personhood, spirits and the statue of Mother Mary in a Sepik society (Papua New Guinea)P009
Fält, EmmaWorkshop. DoBeDo, Drawing to Converse. Participants will put aside verbal languages and communicate solely through drawing, to explore the universality, power and limits of collaborative drawing.P013
Farber, LeoraAnarchiving the personal: intimate provocations in Zanele Muholi's Somnyana Ngonyama seriesP029
Fardon, RichardRound Table Discussant - Keyword: 'Evidence'P053
Farias, IgnacioDesign in Crisis: Toolkits for pedagogical 'intraventions' in architectural trainingP086
Farley, JuliaTurning in circles: Twisting, coiling and spinning in Iron Age BritainP087
Farooqi, MariamThe Role of the Encyclopedic Museum: Re-evaluating the Ancient Near Eastern Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of ArtP033
Farrell Racette, SherryVisiting Old Ladies: Object Persons, Pedagogy, and MemoryP050
Farrer, DouglasA Quest for the Dragon's Egg in the Artworld of Mohd. Din Mohd.P101
Farris-LaBar, DarleneThe Surrounding Planet Re-MaterializedP025
Favero, PaoloShort-circuit me! Reflections on viewing and sensing in the context of VR/AR/MR installationsP019
Fear-Segal, JacquelineMemories and Traditional Knowledge in the Art Work of Indian School ChildrenP002
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