Photographers' Talks 
BP Lecture Theatre
Start time:
29 May, 2014 at 12:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

Lunch time talks by the Wenner Gren Foundation invited photographers.

Accepted papers:


Pablo José Rey

Paper short abstract:

Pablo discusses projects from his BORDERS series in the Gran Chaco. Viaje al Chaco Central is a journey through the last indigenous region to be effectively colonized by the State. Pasarela La Fraternidad explores precarious social conditions in the border towns of Clorinda (Argentina) and Puerto Elisa (Paraguay) connected by a 50 metre wooden bridge. This region is rapidly changing, both environmentally and culturally


Daniel Hernández-Salazar
Oscar Ivan Maldonado

Paper short abstract:

What makes the shift for a photojournalist to become a portraitist, documenter and art photographer? How does an artist respond to the struggles of the people around him? What role can photography and art play in post-conflict social landscapes? Oscar examines the work of Hernández-Salazar, one of the most influential photographers of Central America.