Afterimages: Putting ethnography into the family album 
Gary Seaman (University of Southern California)
Michael MacDonald (University of Southern California)
Claus Moser
Start time:
29 May, 2014 at 11:00 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Many people in many parts of the world have photographic albums that provide a key component of the narratives that define and connect family members and kin. This panel will provide some examples how images collected by anthropologists can be repurposed for family reconnections and reconstructions.

Long Abstract

The panel will consist of examples of work that integrate photographic images generated by professional anthropologists into the narrative and memorializing projects of the people and families among whom they lived. Many anthropologists before the era of cheap imaging technology were in the position of photographing people and places of whose identities they had only the haziest notion. This problem can, it has long been recognized, be somewhat improved by collaborative work between natives and anthropologists, and in the age of digital interactive media, there are many potential projects that would benefit from timely contextualization before living memory fades even before the archived images themselves. This panel invites those who are interested in such projects to provide us with some examples that we all can emulate.

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