Developing anthropology in pre-university curricula 
Dimitrina Spencer (University of Oxford)
David Mills (University of Oxford)
Sackler B
Start time:
9 June, 2012 at 9:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This panel will explore the process and implications of developing anthropology in pre-university curricula.

Long Abstract

This panel opens a discussion space on developing the teaching of anthropology in pre-university settings for teachers and students of anthropology, parents, schools, policy makers and academics.

In the first session, the RAI Education Committee members will open a discussion about the design of the GCE A-Level anthropology courses focusing on key challenges and opportunities. We will engage with debates about the potential impact of teaching and learning anthropology in pre-University contexts bridging education research and pedagogical and anthropological experience. The second session will focus on current and potential future student experiences with the A-Level in anthropology. We will close the panel with a discussion of the key issues identified by all participants on the day.

We welcome everyone interested in discussing the teaching of anthropology in schools, its implications for the place of anthropology in and beyond academia and related topics, including but not limited to: policy and practice, designing and leading educational change, engaging multiple stakeholders, student learning experiences, values in teaching anthropology, pedagogy of anthropology - goals, values and strategies, and a dialogue between the anthropology of education and education studies.

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