Anthropology, diplomacy and politics 
Sigridur Duna Kristmundsdottir (University of Iceland)
Stevenson Lecture Theatre
Start time:
8 June, 2012 at 11:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

How anthropologists have used anthropological knowledge as diplomats, politicians or advisers to politicians.

Long Abstract

The aim of the panel is to explore how anthropologists have used their knowledge both in representative capacity such as MP´s or diplomats and as behind the scenes advisers to public reprentatives. I suspect that many have done so and that the lessons that can be drawn from their experiences can be of value to different fields in anthropology e.g. political anthropology, anthropology of gender and applied anthropology. I have myself served both as an MP in the Icelandic Parliament and as Ambassador in the Icelandic Foreign Service on such diverse posts as South Africa and Norway. That experience and a formulation of it I shall bring to the panel. Otherwise it is of interest what other anthropologists/participants can bring to a panel of this kind so further formulation is left open at this stage.

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