Globalisation and rural/urban social transformation in South India 
Scarlett Epstein OBE (University of Sussex)
Start time:
10 June, 2012 at 13:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Discussing relevant Macro- and Micro data; exploring the variables responsible for the social transformation and suggesting desirable policy changes.

Long Abstract

The Panel will be truly participatory. We shall use the findings of two South Indian longitudinal socio-economic action oriented Village Studies and a collection of urban slum dwellers case studies as base for examing the social transformation that has been occuring in South India. We shall explore the operational aspects of globalisation in general and the causes and effects of the production or servicing outsourcing in South India by some of the large Western Corporations in particular with its resulting increasing rate of rural to urban migration. Moreover, we shall examine what needs to happen to avoid UNFPA's forecast that by the year 2030 the urban population in developing countries will constitute 81% of the total world's population most of whom will live in extreme poverty. We shall discuss the impact of modern education and new communiation facilities like the mobile phones on the young generation's behaviour and what accounts for the increasing landholding size that is developing in the villages as well as how the landless poor cope with their difficulties. We shall also critically view the film BACK TO THE VILLAGE. Our main objective in all this discussion will be to suggest the implementation of policies that will help to establish a fairer and better life for future generations.

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