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We work remotely using the benefits of e-working and today's technology to increase efficiency and cut costs. That means most of our work is done by email: both from NomadIT to client and back, and to the client's target group. We prefer to minimise phone calls and face-to-face meetings – partly to minimise costs, but chiefly to do with our ethos.

We use a purpose-built, secure online database application to hold all membership administration and conference data. This is used in conjunction with the websites and webforms we design to both distribute and gather information, from clients and their target groups.

We work with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and the following industry-standard software: Word, Excel, Open Office, Thunderbird, Adobe CS, Dreamweaver, PHP5, mySQL, Skype, Firefox, iTunes…

We advocate the use of PayPal or WorldPay for receiving online card payments; and online banking (with the Co-op Bank or MetroBank) to increase the transparency and speed of financial work. PayPal is one of the few options available to small clients wanting such facilities; the Co-Op is the main ethical bank in the UK. See the help page for more background as to why we choose these services.

NomadIT quotes for projects based on a pricing matrix which takes into account the size of associations/conferences, as well as the different aspects required. This keeps our pricing transparent for our clients. For work that doesn't fit that matrix we bill the number of staff hours at a fixed rate of £32/hr +VAT. NomadIT invoice quarterly, requesting payment within one month by direct transfer to the company bank account. NomadIT pays its staff monthly by bank transfer.

We try to work with suppliers who share our ethos in some way:

Our main provider of Print services are Big Sky printers, based in Findhorn Scotland. Not only do they print on 100% recycled paper, but they also use vegetable oil based inks, and wind-generated electricity.

Our primary webhost is Dreamhost, based in LA, USA. They are carbon neutral.

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