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25 Jul, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
13:00Bowland Lecture Theatre (Bowland Main)A06Meeting (in) data2
13:00Bowland North Seminar Room 2A16Infrastructures of the Anthropocene1
13:00Bowland North Seminar Room 6A20Chemical entanglements: exploring ontologies at the atomic level2
13:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 2A23The politics of negative emissions2
13:00Faraday Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A24Disasters and participation: inventive/disruptive encounters2
13:00Cavendish Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A26More-than-human mobilities2
13:00Bowland North Seminar Room 23B05Crafting attachments, making worlds2
13:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 3B09Feminist figures: crafting intersections in theory and practice3
13:00Frankland Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)C04Productive frictions: co-laboration and confluence in the work of new alliances2
13:00Frankland Colloquium (Faraday Complex)C11Scientific meetings across disciplinary boundaries2
13:00Cavendish Colloquim (Faraday Complex)C17Moving together: problematizing the makings of togetherness2
13:00FASS Building Meeting Room 1C19Mainstreaming zero carbon buildings in Europe?2
13:00Bowland North Seminar Room 20C23STS meet ICT: politics and the collaborative turn in STS2
13:00FASS Building Meeting Room 2/3C25Global health collaborations and alignments2
13:00Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E08Topologies of race: bringing a touchy object in STS2
13:00Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E10Geographies of knowledge production and legacy of postsocialist technoscience2
13:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 4F05Promissory encounters? Exploring innovations at the intersection of reproduction and genetics from a feminist STS perspective2
13:00Bowland Hall Main RoomG04Beyond market attachment: differentiating and explicating the role of 'policy devices' in organising economic matters1
13:00Bowland North Seminar Room 10G07STS for critical public health studies2
13:00Bowland North Seminar Room 4V01Promises and practices of biotechnologies1
15:00Bowland Hall Main RoomD04Outlaw innovation and the invention of the outlaw1
15:00Bowland North Seminar Room 7F01Machine learning, social learning1
15:00Faraday Complex Seminar Room 1V03Expertise, publics and anticipations1

26 Jul, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 6A04Involving compounds3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 2A07Techno-scientific expertise and geographical imaginaries in the making of new resource frontiers1
09:00Faraday Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A11Encountering energy in systems and everyday spaces3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 23A17Making Outer Space2
09:00Bowland Lecture Theatre (Bowland Main)A22Farming data - collaborations on site2
09:00Frankland Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)C03Empirical bioethics in STS. Making science, technology and society in research and deliberative spaces2
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 20C12Colliding theories, cultures, and futures. STS view(s) beyond the horizon. Or: STS diaspora3
09:00FASS Building Meeting Room 1C13Assembling the smart city: exploring the contours of social difference2
09:00FASS Building Meeting Room 2/3C14Smugglers, idiots and loyal cheats: situated intervention as method out of control3
09:00Bowland Hall Main RoomC20Software & organisation3
09:00Frankland Colloquium (Faraday Complex)CW04The European Research Council: funding science by and through scientists (Workshop)1
09:00Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E09Experiments in democracy3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 7F02Health professionals' adaptation to societal and economic uncertainties, intensifying demands and growing challenges to healthcare provision3
09:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 4F04STS and normativity-in-the-making: good science and caring practices3
09:00Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)F06Making science and diplomacy: historical and contemporary entanglements1
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 4F07Methodography of data practices in STS's ethnographic collaboration and participant observation3
09:00Faraday Complex Seminar Room 1F11Technopolitics of integration. Charting imaginaries of innovation in the European Union3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 10G03Technologies that count: big data and social order3
09:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 2V04Imagining and making futures1
11:00Cavendish Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A08What do we still not know about the IPCC?2
11:00Bowland North Seminar Room 2A30Meeting alternative energetic materialities1
11:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 2AW02Infrastructuring in STS: what does infrastructuring look like? When does it look like that? (Workshop)2
11:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 3B01Joining together cells and tissues: novel in vitro technologies in context2
11:00Cavendish Colloquim (Faraday Complex)B07Situating designs2
11:00Frankland Colloquium (Faraday Complex)C28Meetings over and around food4
11:00Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E05Assembly, silence and dissent in the design and use of gerontechnologies2
12:30LICA C01 Design StudioAW01Encounter, create and eat the world: a meal (Workshop)1
14:00Bowland Lecture Theatre (Bowland Main)A19Sensing security. Sensors and the making of transnational security infrastructures1
14:00Bowland North Seminar Room 23BW01A pop-up inventory of STS researchers’ roles and interventions (Workshop)1
14:00Frankland Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)C02A panel on panels: studying academic conference practice1
14:00FASS Building Meeting Room 1CW01Recommended reading: opening up STS syllabi (Workshop)1

27 Jul, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:00Cavendish Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A01Biosocial forms of living: imbricating technologies, social and medical knowledge3
09:00Bowland Lecture Theatre (Bowland Main)A05Meetings of local knowledges: conflicts, complements, and reconfigurations3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 2A09Encounters with and for circular economy initiatives3
09:00Faraday Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A12Meet our chemicals: ubiquitous presence, selective views2
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 6A15Intimate entanglements in science and technology3
09:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 2A27The power of correlation and the promises of auto-management. On the epistemological and societal dimension of data-based algorithms3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 23B06Collaboration in/with "open labs": studying the objects of boundary-making and crossing2
09:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 3B11Descriptive meetings: description as site, ground and point of politics2
09:00Frankland Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)C16Data worlds? Public imagination and public experimentation with data infrastructures4
09:00FASS Building Meeting Room 2/3C22Citizen science: active citizenship vs. data commodification2
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 20C26Precision medicine at the crossroads: meeting the micro and macro, the molecular and social in new medical strategies3
09:00Cavendish Colloquim (Faraday Complex)C27Recombining life: sociotechnical intersections in the making of genome editing2
09:00FASS Building Meeting Room 1 (09:00), FASS Building Meeting Room 2/3 (16:00)CW02The Museum of Random Memory: a meeting of research, activism, and critical pedagogy (Workshop plus Exhibition)2
09:00Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)D01Politicizing futures. When conflicting visions meet4
09:00Bowland Hall Main RoomD02Challenging formal arrangements and decision-making in the energy sector3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 7E04Meeting the visual2
09:00Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E06The room where it happens: inclusion, exclusion and power in STS research and practice3
09:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 4F03Scientists - agents under construction4
09:00Faraday Complex Seminar Room 1F09Democracies of controlled experimentation? The emerging landscape of social laboratories3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 4F10The public imagination of the future3
09:00Bowland North Seminar Room 10G05Seeing with data and devices2
11:00FASS Building Meeting Room 1CW03Assessing the confluence of digital and physical meetings: a toolbox for digital media research (Workshop)1
14:00Faraday Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A14In other words: caring for water2
14:00Frankland Colloquium (Faraday Complex)C05Science, innovation and inequality: part of the solution or the problem?2
14:00Cavendish Colloquim (Faraday Complex)C09Bio-objectification: meetings and new thresholds across the bio-social2
14:00Bowland North Seminar Room 7E02The European Other as site of institutional experiment. Articulating friction in infrastructures for processing alterity2
14:00Bowland North Seminar Room 10G01Scrutinizing (bio-)technological truth assessments2
14:00FASS Building Meeting Room 1W01Teaching STS in an age of post-truth. Sharing challenges, approaches and experiences (Workshop)2
16:00Bowland North Seminar Room 2A10Commoning the smart city1
16:00Bowland North Seminar Room 6A21Outward and inward encounters: STS meets Outer Space1
16:00Cavendish Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A28Socio-technical encounters in the city: urban spaces, data infrastructures and new modes of civic engagement1
16:00Bowland North Seminar Room 23B03Open design & manufacturing in the platform economy1
16:00Bowland North Seminar Room 20C01Genetic technologies: intersecting criminal investigation, disaster victim identification and commercial uses1
16:00Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 3C15When responsible innovation meets economic crisis: considering the possibilities of 'responsible stagnation'1
16:00Bowland Hall Main RoomC21Co-creation of legitimacy, legitimacy of co-creation - double remedy or double crisis?1
16:00Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E03Software sorted subjectivities1

28 Jul, 2018

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitleNo. of sessions
09:30Faraday Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A03The social life of smart homes2
09:30Bowland North Seminar Room 6A13Of other landscapes2
09:30Bowland Lecture Theatre (Bowland Main)A18Uncertain futures: green alternatives and STS interventions2
09:30Cavendish Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)A25Trouble swallowing? Food, technoscience and publics1
09:30Bowland North Seminar Room 2A29Toxicity in the 21st century2
09:30Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 3B08From A to B: orders and disorders of routing and navigation2
09:30Frankland Colloquium (Faraday Complex)C10Technology, infrastructure, and the smartification of cities1
09:30Frankland Lecture Theatre (Faraday Complex)C18Open questions in STS and geoengineering2
09:30Bowland North Seminar Room 20C24Caring, negotiating and tinkering for IT in/security2
09:30Bowland Hall Main RoomD03Contested gates -- epistemic and social implications of opening knowledge production and science communication2
09:30Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E01Publics shaped and enacted by surveillance, border and post-crisis management technologies: encountering "phantom publics", "non-publics" and "counter publics"1
09:30Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)E07After data activism: reactions to civil society's engagement with data2
09:30Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 4F08Medicine meets the sexed body: Discovering, diagnosing, producing and shaping1
09:30Bowland North Seminar Room 10G02From detachment to appropriation: performing commodification2
09:30Bowland North Seminar Room 7G06Integrity: personal virtue, remedy for fraud, object of governance?2
09:30Bowland North Seminar Room 23V06Markets, innovation dynamics and system building1
09:30FASS Building Meeting Room 1W02The ethnographic case [Closed roundtable]1
11:30Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 2A02Predictive policing and the socio-technical government of risk1
11:30Bowland North Seminar Room 23BW02(Better) Visualisations for keeping things together & apart (Workshop)1
11:30Cavendish Colloquim (Faraday Complex)C07Intersections and meetings between practice theory and STS1
11:30FASS Building Meeting Room 1CW05Technical difficulties: visualising knowledge and the transformation of academic conference presentations (Workshop)1
11:30FASS Building Meeting Room 2/3V07Data infrastructures: practices and consequences1
11:30Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)V08Exploring relations of authority1