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[TBD][TBD]P001Staying, Moving and Settling in Africa and its Diaspora [EASA Africanists' Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P002The mobility of applied anthropologists: in and out of fields and between jobs [Applied Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P003Tilting the Globe: Creativity, Transition and Stasis in the Circumpolar Northemail
[TBD][TBD]P004Confinement as a Category of Practice and a Category of Analysis [Anthropology of Confinement Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P005International intervention professionals - Aid workers on the moveemail
[TBD][TBD]P006Post-disaster situations and the appropriation of disaster governance from below [Disaster and Crisis Anthropology Network (DICAN)]email
[TBD][TBD]P007Anthropology of re-construction: exploring and thinking the remaking of broken worlds [Disaster and Crisis Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P008De-Exceptionalising Displacement in Times of Crisisemail
[TBD][TBD]P009Piecing life together in Impermanent Landscapesemail
[TBD][TBD]P010Moving money and everyday life - understanding debt and the digitalization of credit [Anthropology of Economy Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P011Renegotiating the Social Contract: Ethnographic Explorations of the Contemporary Welfare State [Anthropology of Economy]email
[TBD][TBD]P012Ideologies of dispossession along the private/public conundrum [Anthropology of Economy Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P013Urban Economies which Make you Stay [Anthropology of Economy Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P014Unsteady food in a migrant Africa [Anthropology of Economy Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P015Forms of Integration: Redistribution and (Market) Exchange (roundtable)email
[TBD][TBD]P016Mobilizing materiality: Theorizing the relationship between finance and infrastructure developmentemail
[TBD][TBD]P017How mobile is money? Fixture and flow in emerging monetary regimesemail
[TBD][TBD]P018The Sharing Economy: sharing with whom, sharing what and sharing for what purpose?email
[TBD][TBD]P019Liveability in a Time of Ecological Destruction [Humans and Other Living Beings Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P020People and wilderness coming back - negotiating mobility and 'immobility': The case of the Alps and other European mountainous regionsemail
[TBD][TBD]P021Dwelling on water: Mobilities, immobilities and metaphorsemail
[TBD][TBD]P022Into the the blue - cultures of the seaemail
[TBD][TBD]P023Moving Towards a Future Sustainable Life - Attempts to Change the Contemporary Worldemail
[TBD][TBD]P024Mining mobility: The movement of people and expertise in the context of extractive projects [Anthropology of Mining Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P025Energy in motion [Energy Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P026The spectres, spectacle and speculation of infrastructure - tracing the moralities of movement along energy corridors.email
[TBD][TBD]P027Lines on the Land: Mobility and Stasis in Northern Extractive Landscapesemail
[TBD][TBD]P028Datamanagement as ethics governance: Consequences for anthropologists and ethnographers (Roundtable)email
[TBD][TBD]P029Peripheral Wisdom [#Colleex network]email
[TBD][TBD]P030On the move: Fieldwork, academy and home in the early anthropologists' careersemail
[TBD][TBD]P031The Balconyemail
[TBD][TBD]P032New Urban Food Practices and the Senses in the City [Anthropology of Food]email
[TBD][TBD]P033Moving on: Food Futures and Reimagining Uncertainty [Anthropology of Food]email
[TBD][TBD]P034Ethnographies of Food Inclusion and Exclusion [Anthropology of Food Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P035Cruising the Frontiers of Time and Space: towards an anthropology of queer crossings [ENQA Roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P036Queer and Feminist Ethnography on the Move [Roundtable, European Network of Queer Anthropology (ENQA) and Network for the Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality (NAGS)]email
[TBD][TBD]P037Critical Feminism and the Politics of Austerity: gender regimes and the making of economic orthodoxiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P038Understanding "FGM" and sexual violence in diaspora: women's journeys through re-creations of identity and discourses on traumaemail
[TBD][TBD]P039Tangles of Late Liberalism: Sexuality, Nationalism, and the Politics of Race in Europe [EASA ENQA and ARE networks]email
[TBD][TBD]P040Anthropology and Emerging Technologies [FAN panel]email
[TBD][TBD]P041Heritage geographies in the age of mobilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P042Urban temporalitiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P043Temporalities of the Past: Moments, Memories, and Futures in the Makingemail
[TBD][TBD]P044Teaching and Learning Anthropology and Ethnography in Transforming Contexts: Objectives, Practices, Pedagogies and Challenges [TAN]email
[TBD][TBD]P045Doing anthropology differently: the impact of national infrastructures [Roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P046Moving Psychological Anthropologies [ENPA Roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P047(Un)Settling the discipline? the histories of queer_ing anthropology in Europe [ENQA]email
[TBD][TBD]P048'Peripheral' Anthropologies of Europe. Their histories and intellectual genealogies [Europeanist network]email
[TBD][TBD]P049The role of learned societies and associations in the creation and building of European anthropology [History of Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P050Writing the History of Anthropology in a Global Era [History of Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P051Xenophilia: New departures in the anthropology of hospitality and strangerhood [Network of Ethnographic Theory]email
[TBD][TBD]P052Old crocodiles and new challenges: social anthropology after EASA's first 30 years (Roundtable)email
[TBD][TBD]P053Swimming into the Current: the movement of human society though history (Roundtable)email
[TBD][TBD]P054Anthropology as a tool for discovery. Celebrating Kirsten Hastrup's Research and Professional Contributions on the Occasion of her Retirementemail
[TBD][TBD]P055Making Knowledge Mobile: Knowledge Production and Transfer in/to/across/between Anthropology's Actors, Locations, and Performancesemail
[TBD][TBD]P056Beyond precarity: the politics of hope, care, and solidarity under conditions of unsettling (im)mobilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P057Digitisation, and the Future of Labour and Migrationemail
[TBD][TBD]P058New configurations of labour and capital: dependency, mobility, and immobility in contemporary Europeemail
[TBD][TBD]P059Rearticulating Labour: Staying, Moving, and Mobilizing along Global Commodity Chainsemail
[TBD][TBD]P060Globalized Workers and Trade Unionismemail
[TBD][TBD]P061Linguistic agency and responsibility in (im-)mobilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P062Transnational Corporations, Industrial Disasters and Environmental Hazards. Allocating Moral and Legal Responsibilities Across Different National Contexts [Law Net] email
[TBD][TBD]P063The anthropology of emotions and law [LAW NET]email
[TBD][TBD]P064Investigating accountability: practices and performances [LAW NET]email
[TBD][TBD]P065(Post-)Colonial Settling and Native Staying: Indigeneity and Land Rights in the Americas [LAW NET]email
[TBD][TBD]P066The Impact of Law on Transnational Families' Staying, Moving and Settlingemail
[TBD][TBD]P067The Digital Turn: New Directions in Media Anthropology [Media Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P068"Imaginaries, Media and Tourism"email
[TBD][TBD]P069Movement, stasis and interoception: unsettling the body [Medical Anthropology Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P070Reproductive medical mobilities in contemporary Europe and beyondemail
[TBD][TBD]P071Reproductive Aspirations and Trajectories within Movement/Settlement across Bordersemail
[TBD][TBD]P072Hospitality and its reverse: Migration and xenophobia in Southern Europe and beyond [MedNet Mediterraneanist Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P073Locating the Mediterranean: Connections and Separations across Space and Timeemail
[TBD][TBD]P074Negotiating imaginaries: explorations of vernacular audiovisual productionemail
[TBD][TBD]P075Grace: Unexpected moments in ethnographic filmsemail
[TBD][TBD]P076The Visual Art of Refugees: expressions of flight and exile [Anthropology of the Middle East and Central Eurasia Network Panel]email
[TBD][TBD]P077Death, mourning, and commemoration through shifting landscapes [VANEASA]email
[TBD][TBD]P078Working with images in (un-)stable times [VANEASA]email
[TBD][TBD]P079Staying, moving, (re)settling: Transitioning practices, actors and places of care in later life [Age and Generations Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P080Pacing Mobilities: A consideration of shifts in the timing, intensity, tempo and duration of mobility [AnthroMob]email
[TBD][TBD]P081Mobilising policies: indolence, zealousness, discretionality and beyond [ANTHROMOB]email
[TBD][TBD]P082Moving the Goods: Maritime Mobility and Logistics Labour [ANTHROMOB]email
[TBD][TBD]P083Creating locality in mobile times: intimacy, friendship and belonging between digital and physical co-presence [ANTHROMOB] email
[TBD][TBD]P084Migration and the imaginaries of 'good life' [ANTHROMOB]email
[TBD][TBD]P085Engineering Mobilities: Exploring the infrastructures mediating transnational highly-skilled migration [ANTHROMOB] [Traditional Panel]email
[TBD][TBD]P086Wine Mobilities: Tensions in crafting wine stories[roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P087Policy Mobility in a Globalised World: How ideas and practices of governance and management travel, settle and colonise new domainsemail
[TBD][TBD]P088Silences of/and Mobility: Towards an Anthropology of the Unspoken and Unspeakableemail
[TBD][TBD]P089Stranded in transit. Why people stay, move or settle in a place they wanted to pass throughemail
[TBD][TBD]P090Ageing, Care and Transnational Mobilitiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P091Shifting populations, permanent instability, suspended stay: Contemporary mobilities in Palestine and Israelemail
[TBD][TBD]P092Cosmopolitan enclaves: tensions and paradoxesemail
[TBD][TBD]P093Passing On: The materialisation of kinshipemail
[TBD][TBD]P094(Un)Moving, Becoming and 'Kinning': The Times of Migration and the Nexus with Family [ANTHROMOB]email
[TBD][TBD]P095De-placed mobility: Anthropologies of prosumed experience in the contemporary travel and media industries [Pecha Kucha]email
[TBD][TBD]P096Aesthetic Encounters: The Politics Of Moving And (Un)settling Visual Arts, Design And Literatureemail
[TBD][TBD]P097Roots, routes and rhizomes: Narratives of staying, moving and settling in literatureemail
[TBD][TBD]P098Art and Nativism [Anthropology and the Arts Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P099Changing Face of European Pilgrimage [Pilgrimage Studies Network] Iemail
[TBD][TBD]P100Migration, tourism, business: Reconfiguring Muslim pilgrimage through the lens of women's new mobilitiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P101Travelling religion, religious travel. Gender challenges in theory and ethnography [Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P102Divine Mobilities: How Gods and Spirits Move Through the Worldemail
[TBD][TBD]P103Religion and Refugee: Interdisciplinary Discussion on Humane-Divine Interactionsemail
[TBD][TBD]P104Religion on the move: comparative ethnographic accounts of migration and urban religiosityemail
[TBD][TBD]P105Mobile materials and technologies of enchantmentemail
[TBD][TBD]P106Auto-anthropocenes: alternative uses of roads and vehiclesemail
[TBD][TBD]P107From Paths to Roads: The Transformative Capacities of Roads on Movement and Relationshipsemail
[TBD][TBD]P108Revisiting Railroads: Sociality, Mobility and Infrastructureemail
[TBD][TBD]P109Hoarding, Temporality, and Value: Regimes of Accumulation and Dispersalemail
[TBD][TBD]P110Things are not as they seem. Tracing the movements and immobility of conspiracy theories [Pecha Kucha]email
[TBD][TBD]P111Trapped in space, stuck in time? Exploring irregular migration, time and im/mobilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P112Being stuck. Stillness in times of mobilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P113Stuck in a mobile world: the agentive potential of immobilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P114Permanence: anthropologies of what staysemail
[TBD][TBD]P115Virtuous (im)mobilities: the good life and its discrepanciesemail
[TBD][TBD]P116Youth and Indigeneity on the Move: Mobilities, Transcultural Knowledge, and Sustainabilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P117Pedagogies on the Move: Parenting Interventions in Transcultural and Minoritarian Contexts.email
[TBD][TBD]P118Security on the Move: Mobility and Experimentation [Anthropology of Security]email
[TBD][TBD]P119Artefacts of mobility and immobility in the biometric border worldemail
[TBD][TBD]P120Antagonistic sociality: an anthropology of lives opposedemail
[TBD][TBD]P121Conspiracy theories and conspiracy practices: Moving between rationalitiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P122Human Rights and Political Subjectivities in Motion: Migration, Hyper-nationalism, and Countervailing Strategiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P123Anthropological Border Crossings and Migratory Aestheticsemail
[TBD][TBD]P124Museums of World Culture: History and Future of an Ideaemail
[TBD][TBD]P125Museums in transformation: linking places and people through migratory objectsemail
[TBD][TBD]P126Styles of Domestic Life: Austerity and Self-worthemail
[TBD][TBD]P127Vulnerability and housing policies: anthropological insights across Europeemail
[TBD][TBD]P128Environments and infrastructures of slow violenceemail
[TBD][TBD]P129Marx @200: Historical Materialism for Today's World [IUAES Commission on Global Transformations and Marxian Anthropology]email
[TBD][TBD]P130Hierarchy as a theory of action [roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P131Anthropologies of the State: Critical Interventions, New Directions [Roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P132Social Mobility in the Neoliberal Age: Practices, Relations, Expectations, and Desiresemail
[TBD][TBD]P133The new anthropology of class: relations of place, experience and (dis)possessionsemail
[TBD][TBD]P134What is soft about soft power? Critical engagements with an emerging form of statecraftemail
[TBD][TBD]P135Itinerant activism: movement, collaboration and discordanceemail
[TBD][TBD]P136Systemic Crisis, Anti-Systemic Movements: Marxist Approaches to Capitalist Restructuring and Social Reproduction in Contemporary Global Scenarios of Movement and Stabilityemail
[TBD][TBD]P137The roads to freedom? Liberal grammar in translationemail
[TBD][TBD]P138Containment and excess: Techniques for the pacing of mobility, idioms and forms of resistanceemail
[TBD][TBD]P139Alter-politics, Commons and Ethnographies for Another Worldemail
[TBD][TBD]P140Moving across racialised boundaries - settling in mixedness? Dialogues in critical mixedness studies [Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P141The (im)mobility of race: European perspectives [Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity Network]email
[TBD][TBD]P142Sorting, typing, classifying: The elephants in 'our' rooms [Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity Network; Medical Anthropology Network] [Roundtable]email
[TBD][TBD]P143Boring White People or Fascinating Bad Guys? Lessons from the Study of Political Radicalism [PACSA]email
[TBD][TBD]P144"Laboring Racialization in the Lived Experience of Settling, Moving, and Making Place"email
[TBD][TBD]P145Critical whiteness studies of movement, settlement and staying put in Europeemail
[TBD][TBD]P146Moving from, moving to, moving in the countryside: Ethnographic perspectives on rural mobilities [SIEF panel]email
[TBD][TBD]P147Faces of Emptinessemail
[TBD][TBD]P148Converting Spaces and Religious Transformation: Exploring the potential of human and material interactionsemail
[TBD][TBD]P149Wastescapes: spatial justice and inequalities in contemporary citiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P150To the "front" and back "home" again: Military mobilities and the social transitions they entailemail
[TBD][TBD]P151Migrantizing Europeemail
[TBD][TBD]P152From Good Immigrants to Good Citizens: Mapping the Space of Conditional Inclusionemail
[TBD][TBD]P153Settling in hostile environments: The effects of deportability on migrants and their familiesemail
[TBD][TBD]P154Uncertain Solidarities: Migration, Social Incorporation, and European Welfare Statesemail
[TBD][TBD]P155Houses and Domestic Space in the Diaspora: Materiality, Senses and Temporalities in Migrants' Dwellingsemail
[TBD][TBD]P156Encountering Refugees Beyond Urban Europe: Everyday Interactions, Pragmatics and Outcomesemail
[TBD][TBD]P157Refugees and Migrants Network and Mobilise with Activists and NGO workersemail
[TBD][TBD]P158Double Others? Non-human Migrants and Changing Moral Economies of Huntingemail
[TBD][TBD]P159Sensory Events, Material Texts, and Phenomenological Inscriptions of Migrationemail
[TBD][TBD]P160Sense and sensibility: investments of emotion and rationality in the charting of future scenariosemail
[TBD][TBD]P165Laboratories: rethinking anthropological forms of knowledge (production)email
[TBD][TBD]Plenary CEarly Career Scholars Forum: Im/mobility, uncertainty and hope - critical reflections on academic precarityemail