EASA2018: Staying, Moving, Settling

(Un)Settling the discipline? the histories of queer_ing anthropology in Europe [ENQA]
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  • Sebastian Mohr (Karlstad University) email
  • Anika Keinz (Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt/O) email
  • Michael Connors Jackman (Memorial University of Newfoundland) email

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Discussant Ulrika Dahl

Short abstract

This panel explores the (ongoing) histories of European queer anthropology by inviting scholars to reflect on the specific trajectories of queer thought and scholarship within anthropology across the different national and institutional contexts of European academia.

Long abstract

Queer scholarship shifts epistemological and methodological boundaries. Radically changing how gender and sexuality can be understood and researched, queer_ing anthropology unsettled long standing traditions within European academia. Yet how queer thought made its way into anthropological debates varied across the different national and institutional contexts of European anthropology. While queer anthropology fits into some national and institutional contexts rather well in others it does not and remains marginalized. This messy process of (un)settling the discipline needs our attention if we are to understand when and how queer_ing anthropology comes to matter and what difference it makes in the development of the discipline of anthropology. For this panel we thus invite scholars to discuss, compare, and contrast the (ongoing) histories of European queer anthropology and queer_ing anthropology in Europe. How did and does queer scholarship in European anthropology emerge? What particular obstacles did and does this scholarship face? How do queer critiques change epistemological and methodological debates, and how and where do they not? How is queer_ing anthropology combined with other critical approaches (postcolonial, trans, crip, race)? What controversies have changed, and continue to change, European queer anthropology? How does the (career) movement of scholars (re)define queer anthropology? How is the transition from queer anthropoloGISTS to queer anthropoloGY connected to the (de)professionalization and (de)institutionalization of queer_ing anthropology? By exploring these and related questions, this panel invites scholars to reflect on how queer anthropology's epistemological, methodological and analytical interventions came/come to matter within European anthropology and ethnographic knowledge production.

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