EASA2016: Anthropological legacies and human futures

Panel timetable

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20 Jul, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
14:30U2-8bLab02TAN lab at EASA2016: let's experiment with image theatre! Introducing an experiential teaching method for accessing and giving meaning to sensory experiencesemail
14:30U6-17Lab09Self-hetero-representation in action: a live experiment on Facebookemail
14:30U6-21P001Anthropology of the "New Arab Man"email
14:30U7-10P003Anthropologists between the Middle East and Europe: war, crises, refugees, migration and Islamophobia [AMCE]email
14:30U6-37P005Europeanization revisited. "Worlding Europe": outlines for a prospective research programmeemail
14:30U6-6P006The government of the house, 'life' and 'the good life'email
14:30U6-1AP020Themes in the history of anthropologyemail
14:30U7-12P028Technologies, bodies and identities on the move: migration in the modern electronic technoscapeemail
14:30U6-43P029Disaster capitalism as creative destruction [DICAN]email
14:30U6-3P031Postsocialism and anthropology: theoretical legacies and European futuresemail
14:30U6-36P034Ecosystem as concept, legacy, and (sustainable) futuresemail
14:30U6-30P038The self-management of chronic disease: critical perspectives [MAN]email
14:30U6-20P039The Promise of Land: intersections of property, personhood and power in rural lifeemail
14:30U6-24P040Re-conceptualising kinship and relatedness in an ageing world [MAN]email
14:30U7-11P044Anthropology, the arts, and new materialismsemail
14:30U6-25P049What are we talking about when we talk about the Mafia? Futures of a contested termemail
14:30U6-35P050Engaging with treasures of the subsurface between extractivism and spiritualismemail
14:30U6-1EP051Works that matter (not): valuing productivity through and against the marketemail
14:30U6-27P052Conflicted citizenships: ethnographies of power, memory and belongingemail
14:30U7-8P053The limits of collaborationemail
14:30U7-14P055Impact and localization of international knowledge regimesemail
14:30U6-38P058Rethinking the concept of moral economy: anthropological perspectivesemail
14:30U6-7P064Mobility, precarity, and the activation of kinship and intimacy [ANTHROMOB]email
14:30U6-42P067Brands as sites of collaborative over-productionemail
14:30U6-26P068Everyday financeemail
14:30U6-29P069Slow travelling: a precious heritage or a sustainable strategy for future mobilities? [ANTHROMOB & IUAES-Tourism]email
14:30U6-1DP070Possible/plausible/probable/preferable: concepts and techniques for realising futures [FAN]email
14:30U6-41P076Empowering the silenced memories: grassroots practices in urban revitalization politicsemail
14:30U6-23P080New trends in the anthropology of unemployment after the economic crisis of 2008-9 [Anthropology of Economy Network]email
14:30U6-22P082Food futures and agroecologies in damaged environments: entangled species, sustainable livelihoods, contested knowledgeemail
14:30U6-28P090Urban margins: new perspectives on the cityemail
14:30U6-1FP101Political subjectivities in the face of displacement: claiming rights, belonging, and social citizenship [ANTHROMOB]email
14:30U6-16P109The radical in Latin Americaemail
14:30U6-12P111Mobilities, inequalities, poweremail
14:30U6-34P115Raising Europe: managing parents and the production of good citizensemail
14:30U6-8P121Mobility, power and possibility: the search for liveable lives [ANTHROMOB]email
14:30U6-1BP123Skilled engagements [VANEASA]email
14:30U7-13P128Alternative religiosities in the communist East-Central Europe and Russia: formations, resistances and manifestationsemail
14:30U7-15P131Which craft? Politics and aesthetics of handicraft in post-industrial contextsemail
16:45U6-5Lab13The old age jigsaw puzzleemail

21 Jul, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00U7-16Lab07Living with Algorithmsemail
09:00U6-17Lab10"There is fiction in the space between": techniques of anthropological storytellingemail
09:00U6-29P011Family and kinship in contemporary Southern Europe: transformations, convergences and variations in a macro-regional perspectiveemail
09:00U6-24P016The return of remoteness: insecurity, isolation and connectivity in the new world disorderemail
09:00U6-37P019Emerging contestations of abortion rights: new hierarchies, political strategies, and discourses at the intersection of rights, health and lawemail
09:00U6-21P021Entanglements of coping and resistance: precarious living in (re-)peripheralizing regionsemail
09:00U6-3P024History as lived reality and the future of anthropologyemail
09:00U6-7P030Mobilities, ethnographically connected: beyond the 'gap' between internal and transnational migration [ANTHROMOB]email
09:00U7-14P041Higher education and transnational academic hierarchies: anthropological work in/on the academic peripheryemail
09:00U6-42P043Embodiment, identity and uncertainty in chronic illness [MAN]email
09:00U6-38P048Moving beyond the colonial? North-South mobility, power and post-colonial encounters [ANTHROMOB]email
09:00U6-1AP060Themes in the history of anthropology and ethnology in Europe [Europeanist network]email
09:00U6-23P061The anthropology of mistrustemail
09:00U6-1BP065Reassembling the visual: from visual legacies to digital futures [VANEASA]email
09:00U7-15P073Indelible footprints and unstable futures: anthropology and resource politicsemail
09:00U6-41P077Biomedical technologies and health practices in the Middle East and North Africa [MAN]email
09:00U7-8P079Postfordist ethnoscapes: deindustrialization, work and unemployment in urban contextemail
09:00U6-1EP089Re-visioning material anthropological legacies for cosmo-optimal futuresemail
09:00U6-25P095Spaces of security [Anthropology of Security] [PACSA]email
09:00U7-12P097Derivation, transformations and innovations: around and beyond assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs)email
09:00U6-26P100Revisiting the culture/nature divide under the conditions of global forcesemail
09:00U6-1DP106Meetings: the 'infrastructure' of work in local and global settingsemail
09:00U7-13P113Middle-class subjectivities and livelihoods in post-socialist Europeemail
09:00U6-12P114Epistemological violence & knowledges otherwise: reflexive anthropology and the future of knowledge productionemail
09:00U6-20P116Anthropological trapsemail
09:00U6-22P117Just prices: moral economic legacies and new struggles over valueemail
09:00U6-36P118Bio-cultural heritage and economies of sustainabilityemail
09:00U6-1FP122Living well together: considering connections of health, wellbeing and work in the lives of humans and other living beings [Humans and Other Living Beings]email
09:00U6-33P125Teaching ethnography as method: legacies and future practices [TAN]email
09:00U6-34P127Migrants in the provinces: the adaptive potential of the province compared to the megapolisemail
09:00U7-10P137The future of global belonging: anthropological legacies of kinship studiesemail
09:00U6-16P138Managing Jewish heritage assets in European urban landscapesemail
09:00U6-30P139Religion, maternal identities and practices [Anthropology of Religion network] [NAGS]email
09:00U6-6P141Oikos: households, markets and nationemail
09:00U6-27P143Complicating contemporary understandings of citizenship and belongingemail
09:00U6-8P144Navigating migration and asylum regimesemail
09:00U6-28P146Urban margins: contesting hegemonic representations of the cityemail
09:00U7-11P147Encountering materialitiesemail
11:15U2-8bLab15Opting for elsewhereemail
11:15U6-16P027Not rotten apples: disciplinary approaches to economic wrong-doingemail
14:30Aula MagnaPlenary AContemporary articulations of kinship and genderemail
17:00U6-43Lab14BNightlaboratory Milan: nocturnal corporeality and sounds IIemail

22 Jul, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00U6-17 then outsideLab01On the move: walking as anthropological method [ANTHROMOB]email
09:00U6-1CLab03An ethnography of photographiesemail
09:00U7-16Lab05CLEENIK: clinic of anthropological ethnographic experiments in fieldworkemail
09:00U6-36P002Confinement institutions, ethnography, and public relevance [Anthropology of Confinement Network]email
09:00U6-29P004Imagining an old future: anthropological perspectives on age and ageingemail
09:00U6-22P008Transnational sport migrants and human futuresemail
09:00U6-3P009Emerging economic futures: the intersections of informality and formality [Anthropology of Economy Network]email
09:00U7-13P010Patronage-clientelism 2.0: the legacy of Mediterraneanist anthropology in contemporary corruption/anti-corruption studies [MedNet]email
09:00U7-11P017Mining temporalities: ideas, experiences and politics of time in extractive industries [Anthropology of Mining Network]email
09:00U6-1AP022Gender, far-right, and political radicalizationemail
09:00U6-30P025"Refugee crisis", European reactions and the role of anthropology [WCAA Panel]email
09:00U7-10P026The anthropology of race and ethnicity network launch [ARE]email
09:00U6-1EP032Value(s) of labour in austerity-era Europeemail
09:00U6-37P035Home loss: house-ownership and credit in the austerity regimeemail
09:00U6-38P042The praxis of collaborative ethnography: knowledge production with social movementsemail
09:00U6-21P054Ethnographies of the contemporary leftemail
09:00U6-20P056Digital media cultures and extreme speechemail
09:00U6-41P057The return of the wild: fears, hopes, strategies. Ethnographic encounters in wildlife management in Europeemail
09:00U6-34P059Kinship: taking stock in the light of social mediaemail
09:00U6-42P074Science, modernity and the attack on religion: explaining religious terrorismemail
09:00U6-28P075Moral entrepreneurship: revisiting human rights [PACSA]email
09:00U6-27P083Debt: a critical reflection based on people's debtsemail
09:00U6-35P085Undisclosed research and the future of ethnographic practice [Anthropology of Confinement Network]email
09:00U6-26P086The art of slowing downemail
09:00U7-14P091Cross-cutting care and care across cuts: dimensions of care in contexts of crisis and social changeemail
09:00U6-1BP092The impact of images: knowledge, circulation and contested ways of seeing [VANEASA]email
09:00U6-23P096Urban revitalization through heritagization: collaboration, resistance and the right to the cityemail
09:00U6-25P098[Re:]engagements: the ethnographic archive and its contemporary and future affordancesemail
09:00U6-1FP099Going public: writing and speaking outside the ivory toweremail
09:00U6-6P102The power of mobile materialities: human movement, objects and the worlds they create [ANTHROMOB]email
09:00U6-1DP103From nature to culture? Lévi-Strauss' legacy and the study of contemporary foodwaysemail
09:00U6-24P104Precarisation in welfare economiesemail
09:00U7-8P107Power legacies, energy futures: governmentalities along the gridemail
09:00U7-15P119Pedagogy: ethnographic and cognitive engagementsemail
09:00U6-12P126Gender and environmental change. Taking stock and looking into the futureemail
09:00U7-12P135Public and private redrawn: geosocial sex and the offline [ENQA]email
09:00U6-8P142Kinning from the edges: LGBTQ doing and undoing familiesemail
09:00U6-16P145Hope, home and abroademail
09:00U6-7P149Embedding onward migration within Europe into long-distance migratory trajectories [Anthromob]email
11:15U2-8bLab08Performing ethnographyemail
11:15Meeting place: Piazzetta Difesa per le Donne (search on Google maps Segreterie Studenti UniMIB)Lab11Ethnographic drawing: less than looking, more than dancingemail
11:15U6-16P124New geographies of production and consumption: precarious works and lives in the current neoliberalismemail
11:15U7-12P140Connection and contestation in queer anthropology [ENQA]email
14:30Aula MagnaPlenary BContemporary capitalism and unequal society: obscene exchange, complicity and grassroots responsesemail
19:00U6-36, then outsideLab14ANightlaboratory Milan: nocturnal corporeality and soundsemail

23 Jul, 2016

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
09:00U7-16Lab04World-making futures lab (Future Anthropologies Network Workshop)email
09:00U7-Lab715Lab06De-linearising ethnography: experimenting with hypertextual ethnographic writingemail
09:00U6-5Lab12Urban ethnographies in the Anthropocene: a shadowing lab in Westhafen - Berlinemail
09:00U6-1BP007Producing and transmitting knowledge audio- and/or visually [VANEASA]email
09:00U6-1AP012Visions of futures from industrial workplaces: shop-floor reflexivities on work, political agency and social reproductionemail
09:00U6-26P013Media anthropology's legacies and concerns [Media Anthropology Network]email
09:00U7-11P014Tactics as ethnographic and conceptual objects [Network of Ethnographic Theory]email
09:00U6-7P015Food value and values in Europe: economic legacies and alternative futures in production and consumptionemail
09:00U6-23P018Rethinking marriage: exchange and emotion in comparative perspectiveemail
09:00U6-36P023Anthropology, border regimes and European crises: questioning legacies and futuresemail
09:00U6-38P033Towards a transnational anthropology of power: legacies and linkages of caste, race, and genderemail
09:00U6-8P036Kinning and de-kinning: kinship practices between "parental figures", "reproductive collaborators" and children among new family configurationsemail
09:00U6-35P037Resilience, disaster, and anthropological knowledge [DICAN]email
09:00U7-15P045Missing persons, unidentified bodies: addressing absences and negotiating identificationsemail
09:00U6-25P046Knowledge(s) of the past, present and future in a changing Africa [Africanists Network]email
09:00U6-30P047Water and social relations: Wittfogel's legacy and hydrosocial futuresemail
09:00U6-24P062Moving Southeast Asia: circulations, mobilities, and their contemporary entanglementsemail
09:00U6-27P063Evidence in question: anthropological authority and legal judgment [Anthropology of Law and Rights]email
09:00U6-22P066"Green policies" and people living inside European protected areasemail
09:00U6-20P071Legacies and futures of animism in the anthropoceneemail
09:00U6-21P072Cash transfers and the 'rediscovery' of households in the 21st centuryemail
09:00U6-1FP078The anthropology of urban development: its legacies and the human futureemail
09:00U6-42P081The unexplored dimensions of workemail
09:00U7-13P084Cognitive anthropology and cultural transmission; legacies and futuresemail
09:00U6-1DP087The politics of vaccination: affect, rationality and poweremail
09:00U7-14P088Dialogue among indigenous traditions and healthemail
09:00U6-29P093Anthropology as translation: working misunderstandings?email
09:00U6-28P094Gendering 'everyday Islam'email
09:00U6-11P105Contagious connections: epidemics of non-communicable diseases and social contagionemail
09:00U6-34P108Traditions of anthropology, prospects for engagement: have 'World Anthropologies' tried to change the world? (WCAA-IUAES session)email
09:00U7-12P110Anticipatory knowledge: prognostics and prophecy in management and governanceemail
09:00U6-37P112Interdisciplinary research and nature-society interactionsemail
09:00U6-6P120Individuality and the making of urban livesemail
09:00U6-3P130Unity in diversity? Anthropological reflections on interreligious devotion and dialogue in Europe [Anthropology of Religion Network]email
09:00U6-12P132The winding roads: infrastructures and technologies of (im)mobilityemail
09:00U6-41P133Politics of raw-milk cheese and fermented foodemail
09:00U7-10 (3rd session in U6-1a)P134Doing ethnography through the bodyemail
09:00U6-16P136The political life of commoditiesemail
09:00U6-1EP148Ethnographic explorations of formal–informal linkages in contemporary global economy and politicsemail
14:30Aula MagnaPlenary CEarly Career Scholars Forum: anthropology in interdisciplinary settingsemail
17:00Pirelli HangarBicocca (Via Privata Chiese 2, 20126 Milano)Film03The anthropologist as curator: a roundtableemail

Date TBD

Start TimeRoomReferenceTitle
[TBD]U12Film01Visualizing futures: audio-visual practices for a contemporary anthropologyemail
[TBD]U6-4Film023rd ethnographic film and media program of the Middle East and Central Eurasia of EASAemail
[TBD]U7-18Film04Media presentationsemail