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[TBD][TBD]A1Decolonising health research for development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]A2Strengthening the skill set of health and education practitioners in Sub-Saharan Africa [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]B1Inclusive innovation for development: what inclusion for a fairer future? [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]B2Just add women? The developmental impact of opening up politics to women [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]B3Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE): a path towards achieving SDGs? [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]B4Integrating SMEs in Global Value Chains and the Challenge of Inclusive Development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]C1Philanthropy and international development: bridging epochs, geographies, imaginaries, and institutions [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]C2Partnerships in Practice: Power and inequality in development partnerships with the private sector [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]C3Unravelling, unfolding and unsettling NGOs' work, role and methodologies [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]C4National development experts and professionals: under-researched yet important actors in development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]C5Ethics, Justice, and the Practice of Development Research [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]C6Brokering Development [paper AND experimental]0
[TBD][TBD]C7Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals - lessons to date [roundtable]0
[TBD][TBD]D1Rethinking impact, collaboration and capacity in ODA-funded research [experimental]0
[TBD][TBD]D2MEETING THE CHALLENGES: Interdisciplinary research for global development [roundtable]0
[TBD][TBD]D3How do we know it works? Exploring methods for evaluating the impact of capacity strengthening in international development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]E1Large-scale migration, remittances and development: historical and contemporary evidence [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]F1"We want skills! You'll get critical thinking!" - Opening up international development education [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]F2Bringing development studies to the younger generation in an era of Brexit [paper and experimental]0
[TBD][TBD]G1The rise of populism and development cooperation [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]H1The Political Economy of Development under the Chinese Belt Road Initiative (BRI) [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]H2Rethinking Africa's development in today's globalised world [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]H3Welfare Impact of Globalisation on Agricultural Trade in the 21st Century [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]H4State capacity and the politics of development in Africa [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]H5Global value chains, the state and the political economy of development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]I1Opening up climate and development: what do new forms and frames of intervention mean for the reduction of climate vulnerabilities? [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]I2Religions and Climate Action [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]I3Dams, Development & Decision-making [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]I4Global Development, civil society and environmental activism [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]I5Environmental upgrading, trade and globalisation: implications for sustainable development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]I6Opening up natural resource governance: The roles of non-state and non-traditional actors [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]J1"Digital Development" [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]J2Opening up debates on justice, rights and inclusion in sustainable development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]J3Influencing for social justice - strategies and tactics in challenging contexts [roundtable]0
[TBD][TBD]J4Roundtable: Accidents rather than hegemony? The unintended outcomes of international peace intervention [roundtable]0
[TBD][TBD]K1African urban land markets and spatial justice [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]K2Cities and dominance: urban strategies for political settlement maintenance and change [roundtable]0
[TBD][TBD]L130 years after 1989: Re-Assessing Models of Market Transition [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]L2Piercing the offshore veil: New frontiers in research on tax and secrecy haven use in developing countries [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]L3Dependency, Eurocentrism and Delinking in a Financialized Global Economy - Interrogating Samir Amin's Legacy and Relevance Today [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]M1Opening up the Drug Policy Debate: Grassroots perspectives [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]M2The politics of implementing social protection programmes: Political competition, state capacity and policy feedback [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]M3International Social Policy and Welfare State Transitions: Towards Universalism 2030? (Social Policy-Development Studies Dialogues) [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]M4Deconstructing the Political Economy of Policy Diffusion in Developing Countries through the case of Social Protection [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]M5Understanding Social Protection as Technologies of Social Ordering and Reproduction within Contemporary Development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]N1New hopes and new conflicts: Working lives in Africa's new manufacturing sectors [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]N2New Geographies and Imaginaries of Work in the Global South [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]O1The psychosocial side of poverty: opening up understandings and insights [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]O2Thinking through Aid Objects to Open Up Development [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]O3History and Development: Practicing the Past in Pursuit of 'Progress' [paper]0
[TBD][TBD]O4The Development Storyteller [experimental: an interactive story-producing workshop]0
[TBD][TBD]P09What does changing civic space mean for development? [paper]0